Exploring Home: Greenport, NY

May 20th 2019

One last Exploring Home post before I have a new home to explore…

Over the course of the last couple of years, this Exploring Home series has really been a great way to help me fall in love with New York as my home. I discovered so many hidden gems and grew to appreciate a lot of what my home had to offer. As I prepare to venture off to a new home, I wanted to take a chance to squeeze in one more Long Island adventure for the road.

A couple of days ago, I went to Greenport with my friends Angie and Michaella in order to spend a little time with Michaella before I leave.  Our 2 main objectives for the day were to ride the carousel and to grab lunch at a really good Mexican place called Lucharitos.

When we first arrived, we immediately made our way to the carousel, which was really old and super beautiful. Our favorite part was that the horses went 3 across so no one was stuck riding behind the others. Plus, it made getting cute pictures way easier!

After we got finished with the carousel, we made our way to Lucharitos which was just down the block and we got lucky with perfect walking weather. There was a bit of a wait at the restaurant so we decided to pop into a little antique shop that had an adorable dog right up at the front that I didn’t get a picture of, but trust me, she was a real sweety.


We only got to look around a little before being called by the restaurant that our table was ready, so we headed back. Lucharitos is a really cute spot, filled with color and  it was incredibly lively. The food was really awesome too, we split chips and dip and I got 3 tacos!

Once we finished up lunch, we decided to pop back into the antique shop to get a better look around and then we headed to a little bookstore on our way back to the water. One cool thing in the bookstore is that they had a little room of used books and you could buy paper bags and whatever you could fit in the bag, you could take for the price of the bag.


After taking some time to browse around, we made our way back to the water to enjoy some fresh air and pretty scenery. We even stopped to take a few pictures on the dock.

Overall, it was a really nice day and a really nice end to the Long Island/New York portion series. I can’t wait to revive this series in my new home, but until then, thank you for exploring home with me~


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