Exploring Home: Huntington, NY

April 8th 2018


I know it seems like I forgot about this series, but there is plenty of exploring to be done and this is just the beginning!

Okay, so it has been a bit “long time, no see” with this series, so if you need a refresher here are the first few posts in the series to get you acquainted with the concept (however you don’t need to read them in order because this isn’t a connected series or anything!):

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I don’t really know how it took me this long to include Huntington in this series, but I finally got the pictures I needed and am super excited to tell you a little about one of my favorite places to visit!

Huntington Village is about 15-20 minutes from my former college and my job, so I have had quite a few excursions there over the years. It is a cute little town with restaurants and independent shops and even some really cute murals that are in a lot of my pictures!

On this particular day, my friend Michaella, and I decided to take a quick trip out for a healthy meal at an organic restaurant called Bee-Organic which hosts a wide array of both vegan and non-vegan options at pretty reasonable prices! They even have the option to dine-in or grab and go!

I really enjoy the decor because it is very zen and relaxing while also being colorful and fun! And the food is even more photogenic! My friend got white bean kale soup and a Buddha Bowl, and I got veggie sauteed in quinoa topped with a veggie burger patty. The food was great and came in such generous portions that I was able to take leftovers, which always makes me a happy girl!

Next, we headed to one of my favorite places, The Book Revue. The Book Revue is this large independent bookshop that seems to have just about everything you could imagine. They have new releases, local authors, and books from every year and corner of the globe. You could spend hours in there and barely make it through one section.

I often frequent the religion and spirituality section browsing for whatever my soul seems to be searching for at the time. I also like to look at the fiction literature section. This is also where I found my favorite book, A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki so this bookstore holds a near and dear place for me.

I also have a rather large gift card to this bookstore that I always seem to forget to bring every time I go, so I have even more reasons to keep going back!

Lastly, we ended our tiny trip to the village with a stop at one of our favorite murals. It’s funny, there are all these beautiful murals hidden in the back of buildings when I think they deserve to be out in front for the world to see. However, I sort of like that they’re hidden because they are like my best kept secret.

My personal favorite of the murals is the space one outside the Escape Pod Comics store! I have a thing for astronomy and pictures of space, so this is where I take some of my favorite pictures. There is also a pink wall which you will see in my Valentine’s Day Lookbook (but I will insert some photos here too!)

Michaella and I were particularly excited on this day because we saw a new mural being painted right across the street so that means there will be one more cute place to stop and take pictures the next time we go!

On our way back, we stopped off one more time to see the waterside.  Since it was approaching golden hour, the sun was at perfect selfie height and perfect blinding-me height!

Overall, I think Huntington Village is one of my favorite places close to home, but I am willing to challenge that belief every chance I get. Here’s to more exploring and seeing my home in a new light!


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