Exploring Home: Albany 2019

April 3rd 2019

A quick trip with good friends makes for a solid weekend~

This past weekend, I took a small weekend trip to Albany with my friends to go exploring and spend a little time with my friend, Angie’s, sister and her family. We started our trip bright and early on Saturday morning as we began the 4 hour drive up.

Along the way, we stopped off at Sleepy Hollow to go to the cemetery and explore a little bit. The cemetery was beautiful and a lot of the graves dated back as far as the 1800’s. It was also really nice to see that a lot of the older graves had been well maintained and refurbished.

We walked around and saw Washington Irving’s grave and a war memorial, while also just enjoying the fresh air and good weather. We noticed while trying to park that there was a really pretty bridge with a river running below that we wanted to take pictures by, so after we finished up walking around the cemetery and church grounds, we decided to go to the bridge and take some pretty pictures. One of the groundskeepers even pointed out a family of deer by the river in the distance.

After our brief stop, we were back on the road for another couple of hours before stopping for lunch at Cracker Barrel (which is amazingly inexpensive so I was happy).

Before making our final stop to Angie’s sister’s house, we met up with Angie’s family at the NY State Museum which was really nice and had a lot of interesting exhibits that were all centered around NY history, industry, and environment. The 4th floor also had a carousel which was vintage and really beautiful.

After we were all tired out, we went to Angie’s sister’s house for the night to hang out and play a board game before going to bed.

The next day, we woke up and decided to go get breakfast with our friend, Tyler. This may have been the last time I get to see Tyler before I move so I was incredibly grateful that he could come and hangout for a little bit.


When we were done with breakfast, we went back to the house and got ready to head home again. On our way home we stopped in Rhinebeck, NY which is home to the oldest inn in the country. It was a quaint little town with a cute candy store and an antique store that was built from a converted barn. We ended our trip with dinner at the restaurant in the inn where we got a super cozy booth and amazing food.

We managed to fit a lot into such a short trip, but I don’t regret it one bit. I had a great time and loved the chance to get away for a little bit with people I care about.


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