What’s In The Cards?– Moving Forward

May 17th 2019

tarot spread

As we near the midpoint of the year and life begins to change, I feel like it would be a good time to sit down and consult the cards about what is to come~

It has been a while since I sat down and played around with my tarot cards, so I figure now would be as great a time as any to bust them out and prepare a little reading for myself, right in time for my upcoming move.

I found this spread on Google from a site called emeraldlotus.ca, which actually has a lot of free spreads that I am eager to try down the line. This one stuck out to me because it is a reading about moving forward and, since I am moving in the physical sense, I have been curious to see what the cards have to say about the spiritual implications.

Card #1- The Fool
The first card of this reading represents my current state. I got the fool, which I consider to be ironic because it is usually indicative of needing to take a great leap forward in life. In my interpretation of the card, it means that I have a solid support system and happy life, but I have been a bit complacent and haven’t been making progress as I should. I have been living blissfully but not purposefully. Which is totally true and I have hopes that the move will change that. It is also the card about new beginnings which is fitting.

Card #2- The Moon
This card is supposed to represent what I am moving towards and it has me a tad confused. The moon, in my interpretation, means deception either being deceptive or being deceived. However, I think I am taking it more as a movement towards discovering how I have been deceiving myself and others, more than I am taking it as a sign that I will be perceived. I think this interpretation is fitting. This also ties back to the concept of the “shadow self” or the part of us that lies in our subconscious. As I undergo a lot of change, I am sure to learn a lot about parts of myself that I am not yet aware of.

Card #3- The Hermit
This is the soul searching card and for that to come up in the “what is to be learned” section of this reading seems appropriate. I suck at being by myself and I am fully aware of that. Learning to reflect and discover myself without the help of others is something I really hope to get better at and based on the previous card, it appears that I will. By not having my friends as a buffer, I am forced to be alone with myself and learn more about who I am and what I hope to accomplish as an individual without outside intervention.

Card #4- The Hanged Man
hanged man
The Hanged Man is symbolic of becoming more strong in one’s self after a period of trials and tribulations. So, in this placement, learning to be by myself won’t come without its fair share of troubles, but in the end, I will grow into a better version of myself and discover parts of me that have spent my whole life hidden from view. This card also represents sacrifice, which moving is a huge one.

Card #5- The Devil
Getting The Devil in the placement of how my lesson will hinder my growth, is very interesting. The card represents materialism, fear, and enslavement to bad habits. I can totally see where that falls into the reading as a whole because, in learning about my shadow self, I am sure to discover a lot of “less desirable” parts of me that I will want to deny or neglect out of fear or unwillingness to change. However, doing so will hinder me so I need to push through in order to really make the most of the lesson being presented to me.

Card #6- The High Priestess
high priestess
This card totally makes sense for a final outcome because it represents intuition and high spiritual energy. Right now, a large part of what I have coming for me is unknown, however, the energy I put in is what I will receive back. With the High Priestess in my corner, I know I have the energy I need to make the most of this change and hopefully her power will manifest itself with positive change for my future.

Overall, I find that this reading is a pretty good road map for what to expect this summer. I hope by confronting myself in a new environment, I will grow in ways I never thought possible. And with that, I hope to invite in a world of new opportunities.


Feeling free to try this reading out for yourself because I feel like it offers some really great insights to who you are as a person as you navigate new parts of life!



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