Exploring Home: Holiday Lights – Blogmas Day 16

December 16th 2017


Merry and Bright…

It has been far too long since my first Exploring Home post went up and I am finally back with round two! One thing I love about home is the holiday light show at Jones Beach, one of my favorite beaches because it feels the most like home to me!

I don’t know how many other places do drive through light shows, but a beach by me have been doing them since I was little. I used to attend the light show with the Girl Scouts when I was still in elementary school. I loved it and would look forward to it every year. Not much has changed because I still try to go whenever possible.

This year, I went with a few friends who have never been before as well as my friend Brigid who has not only attended the light show with me before, but has worked at it too.  I was so excited to expose the light show to a few of my friends for the first time. So essentially what it is is you pay for one car and get to drive through this long road of lights with your headlights off and you set your car radio to a specific station and enjoy Christmas songs and sing along.

I was originally planning to drive, but my friends are too tall to sit in my tiny car comfortably so my other friend drove.

There is also a place to stop to see some free standing lights that made for a great photo op!

There is also a place to go inside and enjoy some Christmas decorations, warmth, hot chocolate, and pictures with Santa!

Outside the snacks and Santa area, there was even a place to make smores, including little bonfires to sit by to hang out! bonfires at any point in the year are amazing and make me feel extra happy and cozy. My friends and I had a great time accidentally lighting our marshmallows on fire and trying to take cute and flattering pictures while eating our smores (I ended up with mostly hair in my mouth, sadly, and the photos were absolutely not cute which is why they aren’t in this post, haha.)

Jones Beach is a place that is super near and dear to my heart because I have been going there my whole life, some of my best friends have worked or still work there, and it is my thinking space.

Jones Beach is actually the place I attribute to bring my best friend, Brigid, and I back together after drifting apart for a few years. During the year, when the light show isn’t set up, Brigid and I will take trips to the beach to watch the sunset and sort through some real life problems. (Enjoy this compilation of pictures of Brigid and I. These are the most pictures we have ever taken together, especially in one night. We suck at getting pictures despite having so many memories together.)

Jones Beach is also a place for fun for me because there is the Jones Beach Theater that overlooks the water and hosts tons of super fun concerts. I try to make it to at least one a year if there is something fun going on!

This night was particularly memorable and I am glad that I have such fond memories of Jones Beach to carry with me even after I leave New York one day.  What are some holiday traditions and activities that are special to where you’re from? I would love to learn about how other places bring on the festive feelings!


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13 thoughts on “Exploring Home: Holiday Lights – Blogmas Day 16

  1. This is such a great idea! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Jess 😊 Makes me miss Christmas even more 😂😩 Where is jones beach? I’d love to see this one day

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      1. Hoping to come to New York next year and we have family on Long Island. It’d be pretty great if we could spend Christmas there too. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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