Exploring Home: Long Beach

June 30th 2017


Life’s a beach~

When I started my Wish You Were Here series ([1][2]), I knew I wanted to write about all of the beautiful places I’ve traveled. But, I forgot about the most underappreciated place of them all…home.

I am a wanderer, I love to explore and Long Island has never really been the most brag worthy of places in my opinion. To be honest, I grew up resenting it. A lot of things have happened in my life that I wish to forget and sometimes looking around Long Island just reopens these wounds that I wish would heal, so I focus on going away. But now I have decided that I need to give Long Island a little love because it didn’t hurt me, people did. So I decided to start this new series to show good ol’ Strong Island the appreciation it deserves and to share with people some of the things I love about the place I have spent so long resenting.

20170626_205424 (1).jpg

The first place I want to speak a little bit about is somewhere that holds a special place in my heart, Long Beach. Long Beach, New York to be more specific. Not to be confused with the other Long Beaches throughout the United States.

Long Beach has been a significant place for me since the beginning of college, roughly. I had never really been until then but now I find myself going almost every week. I live by a closer beach that I will probably talk about at some point, but that beach holds a different significance to me.

Long Beach is special to me because it is my thinking space. It is the place I go when I want to clear my head. I also choose to go with very specific people because those people are the ones who help make it special.

So a little about the history of Long Beach…Long Beach was founded in 1880 which makes it a bit older than many places on the Island. A little beach resort was built then around 1882, the railroad helped promote the little beach town to vacationers and tourists. Long Beach has everything from single family homes to huge condominium complexes, but my favorite are the quirky beach front apartments. Well…some of them are quirky and those are the ones I appreciate. I love taking walks and looking up at the balconies that have the cute decorations like string lights and hammocks. I feel like the people who live there know how to live.

Aside from the sights along the beach, I really love the strip of various shops and restaurants down there. My personal favorite is Diner by the Sea which is known for their really yummy rainbow milkshakes that come with a little toy on top. I think that’s what originally brought me to long beach in the first place.


I personally prefer Long Beach at night after all of the beach goers are gone and it’s just a few people walking around watching the sunset or a select few playing volleyball down on the sand.  I also love the lending libraries they have out on the railings where you can give a book or take a book to read while you sunbathe or watch the sunset.

They also have tons of little booths that are all painted with unique murals of beachy things along with this long wooden display filled with painted wooden blocks about why people love Long Beach.


Overall, Long Beach is one of the places that reminds me that Long Island isn’t so bad.


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