A Look Back at My Summer Bucket List

August 12th 2018


Taking a look back at the past few months and seeing the memories I’ve made~

So August is the official end of summer for me and it is time for me to go full fall mode on everything, so I have decided before I do, I will take a look back on the memories of summer and see how much I have accomplished that I set out to accomplish this summer in my Summer Bucket List 2018:

  1. Spend more time outside-
    I think I totally nailed this one. I spent my summer taking long walks at work, nature walks with my family and my boyfriend, and just spent more time enjoying the outdoors whenever possible. I can honestly say that nature makes me so much happier than laying in bed all day.

  2. Go to a Carnival or Street Fair- 
    I did go to one carnival this summer and I went to a street fair during NYC Pride. Overall, I think that carnivals are beautiful and the epitome of summertime fun!

  3. Do something creative daily- I’d like to believe I did this one too, despite not keeping heavy track of my creative endeavors! I spent a lot of time writing this summer as well as spending time exploring nature and thinking of new fun things to do.
  4. Say yes more- This summer I learned to say “yes” to more and I am also proud to say I have learned to say “no” which is something I didn’t really know I needed. I learned to say yes to new opportunities to create memories even outside my comfort zone, but I also learned to say no when I needed a break or to save money.
  5. Stay dedicated to working out and eating right- I am so proud of myself for this because this summer I was working out consistently, eating right, and lost quite a few pounds. I don’t plan to quit here and I definitely want to see even bigger changes in the near future!
  6. Take a trip or two- I didn’t travel nearly as much as I would have liked to, but I do get to take a trip soon and I have a few good ideas for the fall that I would really like to see come into reality. I can’t say I missed traveling too much because I was super busy back at home so I feel like adding trips just wasn’t possible up until this point.
  7. Get more concert tickets-  I didn’t purchase concert tickets, but I did get tickets to see Dan & Phil (YouTubers) on tour and that was a cute experience. No one I am really interested in seeing is out on tour. Also, ever since the Taylor Swift concert I went to a few weeks ago, I’ve been dead tired, so I could use a break.

  8. Go to the Lavender Fields- 
    I really enjoyed the lavender field with my friend Michaella! We got some really cute pictures and I wrote about it all in Exploring Home: Out East and Fashion Friday: Lavender Field OOTD!

  9. Record a video- I am still a weenie and didn’t get this done. Maybe one day.
  10. Go to the psychic- I went with my dad last month! If you want to read more, check out my post, What My Psychic Said…!

Overall, I am proud of how much I accomplished this summer and can’t wait to see how many more memories I can make for the rest of the year! What was your favorite memory of the summer?



Just wanted to throw this picture in at the end because my beautiful friend, Kristin, took it and I really suggest you follow @jkangelmedia on Instagram and show her some support.

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