What My Psychic Said…

July 20th 2018


Took a little trip to the psychic to restore my hope for the future~

My dad’s birthday was at the end of last month, so I recommended we go to the psychic together as his gift. You see, my dad and I have gone together twice before and it is the one activity that I feel we really bonded over (aside from the show Big Brother on CBS, haha). My dad and I are both spiritual people and he enjoys reading books about mediums and watching shows about them…and aliens. So I figured a trip to the psychic, after 2 years of not going, would do us some good.

I am in a rather transitional period of my life so I definitely needed to talk to her about my doubts, concerns, and confusions. Before I go into what she said, I just want to put a little disclaimer:

Not everyone believes in psychics and that is completely okay. Just don’t sit here and bash me and my beliefs. I also want to state that I don’t live my life by whatever the psychic says. I know that at the end of the day, life will happen the way it is meant to and I won’t let some cards tell me otherwise. I do this because I view it to be therapeutic and all in good fun and a nice way to bond with my dad. Thanks!

Okay, so now that that’s out of the way, onto what the psychic said for me:

  1. I have a strong spiritual connection with my boyfriend- The psychic said that her cards point to my boyfriend and I knowing each other in a past life. I find that funny for two reasons. One is that I didn’t even tell her I had a boyfriend and two is because, if she is right, I can’t believe my boyfriend tolerated me for 2 lives.
  2. An employment opportunity is headed my way- She said she knew I was struggling with work and finding a full time job (something I also didn’t tell her) and told me she sees me doing something with marketing and advertising (which I have a degree in but never told her I did). She said she saw two men being the face of whatever company or organization it would be at. I found it interesting because the name of the theater I work at is actually named after 2 brothers. If that isn’t it, at least I know there is a chance that something else is on the way.
  3. She saw a friend of mine- She, oddly enough, saw a layout for a friend of mine. She saw my friend being dragged into the relationship problems of someone close to them. She said it was weird to see other people in someone’s reading, but I guess it made sense because I was talking to my friend about that situation the previous night.
  4. She said I would be successful- I know everyone out there is probably like “wow, so vague”, but she was a little more specific. She said she saw me building a lot of good connections through the early part of my career to eventually go off and start my own business. I always want to be an entrepreneur so that excites me. All I need now is a winning idea.
  5. I may or may not move?- She said that I may move next year or I may stay here for another 2-4 years. THAT is super vague. But she said she usually doesn’t see people with such open options. I am sort of sad about how ambiguous that answer was because that is the question that is weighing the most on me emotionally. However, I am also glad that she sees me having a choice in whether or not I move because, right now, I’ve felt like I don’t really have a choice.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with my reading. Looking back, there is more I wish I would have asked, but you can’t change the past…

…only the future~


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