My Plant Family!

August 14th 2018


Telling you a little bit more about my plant pals~

Not going to lie, I always find August and November to be 2 of the hardest months for me to plan content for. And although I got very lucky in the sense that I get to travel this month, giving me content, I still needed to take some time to figure out what to post for the earlier half of the month. That being said, I decided to give myself a little break and write a post about my plants.

You see, I have always wanted to have a green thumb. I find plants to be beautiful and they liven up a space so much which is why I have made it my goal to keep a few alive in my bedroom until I move out one day to have my own little garden of plant friends.

So these are my plant friends; Reggie, Noel, Gus and Philip!

Reggie is Zanzibar Aloe, Noel is a Christmas Cactus (get it? Noel, Christmas? My mom came up with it!), Gus is a Powder Puff Succulent (I can’t remember the official name), and Philip is a Philodendron (because puns).

My personal criteria when picking out a plant is that it must be good with low light. I don’t get a lot of direct sunlight in my bedroom so I need to know that it won’t just shrivel up and die if left in the dark for too long. I also need something that doing require tons of water because I am a busy bee and prefer to have plants that I don’t have to focus on very often, right now. Although, one day I can see it being fun to water my plant friends every day.

I personally think that plants are such a good thing to be surrounded by. Having a lot of plants really boosts my mood because it helps me bring the outdoors, indoors!

Do you have any plants?


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