Fashion Friday: Wild Fable Lookbook

August 10th 2018


Taking a look at Target’s new Wild Fable line and giving my thoughts~

A few weeks ago, Target dropped their new Wild Fable line which is a line of women/juniors clothes that really hit on a lot of the current trends. The line has awesome variety and is made to fit both standard and plus sizing (something that is incredibly refreshing to see a brand do).

When I first heard about the new line, I knew I needed to try on some pieces and give an official review on my blog! Plus, I wanted to take the opportunity to try some things I wouldn’t normally try in the hopes of maybe finding a new unique piece for my wardrobe!

I went on this journey with my friend, Michaella, because we have two different body types so I figured it would be great for people reading to see how the clothes lay on different frames!

These first 3 outfits were the first thing I tried on on my first trip to the fitting room. To be honest, I was quite impressed with the quality and variety in this line as well as the prices!

Outfit #1 // High-Rise Ankle Jeans with Side Zippers – $22 USD // Strappy Bralette – $18 USD

Outfit #2 //  Plaid Strappy Cropped Woven Top – $18 USD // Plaid Mini Skort – $20 USD

Outfit #3 // Patchwork Boxy Denim Trucker Jacket – $30 USD // Plaid Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans – $28 USD

I was really impressed with the quality of the matching set and the denim jacket. I was also on the fence about buying the jeans, but ended up purchasing two pairs of jeans I will be showing later in the post! I may eventually go back and buy that denim jacket too because I LOVED it.


Here are a few of Michaella’s first looks and her thoughts on them (she also told me to apologize for the lack of pant variety in her outfits, but I just think it shows that the pants are versatile):

Outfit #1 // High-Rise Deconstructed Mom Jeans – $22 USD // Cropped Flannel Button Down – $23 USD

Outfit #2 // High-Rise Deconstructed Mom Jeans – $22 USD // Striped Short-Sleeve Tie-Front Wrap Top – $14 USD

Outfit #3 // High-Rise Deconstructed Mom Jeans – $22 USD // Plaid Bell Sleeve Tie-Front Top – $23 USD

Outfit #4 // High-Rise Deconstructed Mom Jeans – $22 USD // Striped Short-Sleeve Tie-Front Wrap Top – $14 USD // Faux Patent Leather Moto Jacket – $35 USD

Overall, Michaella said all of these outfits were comfortable and the jeans were pretty comfortable but rubbed in places which she thinks means they just need to be broken in a bit more. Plus, Michaella was super excited for the line because she final could fulfill her dream of having a red faux leather jacket.


Here was my second round of outfits which had a few hits and a few misses:

Outfit #1 // Camo Print High-Rise Leggings – $14 USD // Cropped Polo Shirt – $14 USD

Outfit #2 // Striped High-Rise Leggings – $14 USD // Striped Long Sleeve Oversize Boyfriend Sweatshirt – $16 USD

Outfit #3 // High-Rise Deconstructed Mom Jeans – Black Wash – $22 USD // Cropped Flannel Button Down – $26 USD (I can only find the plus listing online, but I am wearing a medium)

Outfit #4 // High-Rise Deconstructed Mom Jeans – $22 USD // Yellow Tie-Front Wrap Top – $18 USD

Overall, I think I had more luck with my second round of outfits, in terms of things I would actually buy. I ended up going home with the  two pairs of jeans and the yellow wrap top and I am so excited to make them my fall staples!


Here is one last round of Michaella’s look where she stepped a bit more out of her comfort zone!

Outfit # 1 // Floral Jumpsuit – $33 USD (Only Plus Online)

Outfit #2 // V-Neck Sweatshirt – $20 USD

Outfit #3 // 3/4 Sleeve Crop-Top – $14 USD // Mini Corduroy Skirt – $20 USD

Outfit #4 // Mock Neck Ribbed Dress – $18 USD

Michaella’s comments on the outfit are as follows; “This jumpsuit makes me feel like I’m in Mamma Mia”, “This shirt reminds me of The Goldbergs”, “I feel like my doll had an outfit like this”, and “I feel like I am in the Brady Bunch”. However, she did buy outfit 4 after I talked her into it because, come on, she looks so cut in it and it would look so cute with a leather jacket and a pair of booties!


Final Thoughts~

I really love this line and there is so so much that I didn’t get to try on. It is a perfect blend of 80’s, 90’s, and current fashion. And the prices are absolutely amazing! The most expensive piece we saw was that jacket Michaella bought for $35 USD! Not to mention the quality was great and there was a lot of attention to detail.

I also love that the pieces could be mixed and matched and that the denim offer in the line was really cute and affordable! I got 2 pairs of jeans for less than $50 which is awesome and I can totally tell I will get tons of wear out of them.

Overall, I really recommend you check out this line at your local Target because it has a little bit of everything for each person’s style and body type!

Happy Shopping!



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