Spring Favorites 2018

April 10th 2018


Starting a new season with some new favorites!

At the start of every new season I tend to develop new favorites associated with the season. I find different trends, products, music, snacks, and activities that make me feel the most in the mood for whatever new weather is approaching and then I incorporate them into my life whenever possible. However, this year I decided I wanted to make it into a comprehensive list of things per season so maybe someone out there could be inspired to try something new, as well as open the discussion for anyone reading to tell me their favorites!


  1. Lemons- I know this is really silly but I am LOVING the lemon pattern on clothing for the spring season. I have also been loving the elegant fruit motif as a whole! Forever 21 has tons of really cute fruity pieces for the spring that are actually quite dainty and classy and super stylish!

  2. Yellow- Yellow has been my favorite color on and off since I was about 4 years old (often competing with blue) and I am so thrilled that it has become the trendy hot color of the season. Here are just a few ways yellow is being incorporated in the fashion world this spring! [1][2][3]

  3. Lace & Floral- Specifically the combination of lace and floral is something I have really been loving, but both separately are beautiful too. Zara has really stepped up their game with the lace and floral both together and individually! I am loving really flowy lace dresses that offer a boho feel as well as embroidered floral pieces that can either edge up or soften a look depending on how they are done.

  4. Mules- I have yet to buy my first pair of mules but I really really want them for spring. The idea of a flat with an open back is a perfect blend of classy and springy! Target has a wide array of them that are varying in style so you can find a pair for any occasion.


  1. Rollerball Perfume- Okay, so this is by no means a new product, but rollerball perfume is such a lifesaver. I keep one in my bag at all times because it is so convenient and discrete! I don’t even need to go to the bathroom to put it on because there is no spraying involved! Also, it is precise so there is less wasted product.
  2. Highlight- I think a nice glowy highlight is beautiful for springtime, especially once it gets sunny enough to really see it shine. I love the Pixi by Aspyn Ovard highlight in the shade London Lustre (even though I shattered mine, haha). However, I think I want to try a cream or liquid highlight for spring to achieve a more dewy look.
  3. Raincoat- I threw this in products instead of trends because I purchased a raincoat because it was necessary more than trendy. I got my pink raincoat from Primark and I think it was $18.00 which is a steal for a jacket. It is surprisingly good quality and flattering. I am definitely getting tons of use out of it now that the rainy season has begun to pick up!


  1. Ignore Me // Betty Who
  2. Rich Girl // Hall & Oates
  3. Alien // Sabrina Carpenter
  4. Dirt // Emma Blackery
  5. Girls Like You – Stripped // The Naked and Famous
  6. Good Morning // Grouplove
  7. Agnes // Glass Animals
  8. Buttercup // Hippo Campus

I have a more in depth list coming later this month!


  1. Almonds
  2. Smoothies
  3. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
  4. Salads (especially the Southwest Chile Lime Salad from Panera Bread)
  5. Strawberries
  6. Cherries
  7. Eggs/Egg Salad (My favorite aftermath of Easter is tons of egg salad)

Activities (a wishlist of things I want to do this spring)

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing
  2. Reading Outside
  3. Finding New Coffee Shops- I am on the quest for the perfect iced chai latte
  4. Aerial Yoga
  5. Making more nature related blog content

What are some things on your spring favorites this year?! Share them below. I need more ideas for fun activities, music, foods, and products!


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