Here’s To New Beginnings…- 2019 Diaries

April 29th 2019

Can’t wait to see if April showers really do bring May flowers.

April is officially coming to a close and I feel like it has been the quickest month by far. I can’t really say I have accomplished all that much but I have definitely been really busy over the past month.

So here is a quick overview of what I did this month:

  • I packed a majority of my room for my upcoming move
  • Left my job of 3 years
  • Got a new tattoo
  • Went to Albany (at the end of March, but I never shared that in last month’s post)
  • Caught up on Marvel movies in time to see End Game
  • I have FINALLY been reading more

So yeah, this month hasn’t exactly been filled with really exciting news, but I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. I have a lot going on behind the scenes right now that has really taken up a lot of my attention. But I am hoping that all things will go well enough that I can share them with you all really soon.

I guess I could talk a little bit about my new tattoo because it is one of the more exciting things I have done this month. I got the tattoo with my best friend, Katie. It is our 10 year friend-iversary and in honor of that we decided to get a matching tattoo. Usually I am against the idea of matching tattoos, but she is like a sister to me so getting one with her was a no-brainer.

Our tattoo says “here·ish” which is meaningful to us for a lot of reasons. The idea for the tattoo came up because Katie remembered that we would always text that to each other when we were down the block from each other’s houses when we were getting dropped off before we were able to drive. But the word takes on a bigger meaning now because I am moving and although I won’t be physically here anymore, I will always be here-ish whenever she needs me. I think our artist did a great job and I love the tattoo a ton. It is also the first tattoo I have that is visible most of the time.

One thing that I really fell behind on is my healthy eating and exercise. I could sit here and blame the stress of everything going on but the truth is, I am just lazy and being too “food social”. A lot of my friends want to spend time with me before I move and dinner is almost always the plan of choice. As a result, I haven’t exactly been on my best behavior, but I am trying to get back on track. So I think that is the only goal from last month that I didn’t succeed at entirely.

Here are my new goals for May:

  • Make “the thing” happen
  • Stay calm
  • Successfully move
  • Get back into job hunting
  • Hold it together (again)
  • Say “see ya later” to everybody
  • Watch what I eat
  • Finish a book

May is going to be wild for me and I hope I have a lot of cool things to share soon. How was your April? What do you want to do this May?


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