A Chat About Moving

April 26th 2019

I guess it is time to come clean about this super mysterious move I am preparing for.

So, if you have been around on my blog for a while now, you may have seen me discuss the fact that I am moving in less than a month. I haven’t really been fully open about the details of the move, mostly because I have sort of been pushing it to the back of my mind and talking about it too much made it seem more really.

Well considering I leave New York in 27 days, I feel like this is as real as it is going to get so I might as well go into a little more detail and discuss my feelings so far before I pick up and move down.

I guess I should start off by saying, I am moving to North Carolina right outside Charlotte (so Charlotte bloggers, if any of you are reading this, please be my friend. I am a very nice girl, I promise). The decision was mostly made by my parents but I think I was actually the one who initially suggested North Carolina specific for the move. My parents have had a bit of a 6 year plan when I graduated high school.

They said that when my brother (who is two years younger than me) finishes college, we were moving out of New York. Obviously, when this plan came about, my life was entirely different than it is now so I wasn’t exactly thinking too hard about the move until I graduated college back in 2017.

At first, I was super against it and really wanted to push myself to find a job and apartment to avoid moving out of New York all together. However, as time went on I sort of realized that the move would be for the best and I stopped resisting and started to try to get myself into the idea of moving.  (Also, weird side note, but a psychic I saw a few years ago told me that if I didn’t move and let people hold me in NY, that I would be missing out on my destiny so I think I am making the right choice…haha)

So the timeline as of right now is that I go down with my parents to close on our new house next week and then we are out of our house 2 weeks after that and I personally move down 10 days after my family does (because I am going to a concert in New York after our moving date because I have my priorities straight).

Otherwise, that is really all the news I have. I am excited to start this new chapter and hope to have a lot of exciting things to share really soon. But until then, I am keeping a positive attitude and a hopeful mindset and I am ready to take on this new chapter, no matter how scary it seems.

Can’t wait to find some new and inspiring things to share with you~


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