My Current Favorite Crystals

July 18th 2018

A little bit about some little rocks that mean a lot~

A while back I wrote a blog post about all of my crystals. However, since that initial post, my collection has grown quite a bit. So, instead of showing the whole collection again or showing all of my new crystals, I decided to highlight a few from my collection that really resonate with me. (I’m calling this post my favorites, but truthfully, all my crystals are like little pals so I don’t like picking favorites)

  1. Malachite
    20180717_123135.jpgMalachite is a crystal I got early on in my collecting from my friend, Katie. Aside the fact that I think it is absolutely beautiful, it is also a crystal that I felt emotionally connect with since I got it. One thing I find really cool about malachite is that it is considered to be still evolving and eventually may even be the most powerful healing crystals of the new millennium.  It is a stone that is great for intuition, encourages change, and can even help break emotional ties to troubling past situations. It is also believed to sooth anxiety. It has been said that malachite is supposed to help ease menstrual cramping as well…but I have my doubts.
  2. Botswana Agate
    I don’t know what initially drew me to Botswana Agate, but ever since I had purchased it, it has been one of the crystal I gravitate most towards. I think it is because it the is a protective stone connected to accepting change in life. I have even read that some cultures find the stone to be considered incredibly lucky and I can use all of the luck I can get. I have read that the little dot on the side is considered an “eye” of protection which I find to be incredibly reassuring because I feel as though the crystal has my back even when I am doubting myself.
  3. Tiger’s Eye
    Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that I got in a little box set from my boyfriend. One of my favorite things about it is how cube-like it is. Similar to Botswana Agate and its eye, Tiger’s Eye is also a protective stone. It is also a stone used for accomplishing goals and remaining driven. It is a stone of manifestation as well and helps separate the difference between wishes, wants and needs. Gold Tiger’s eye particularly is really good for attention to detail and focus. It is also a stone of reason over emotion.
  4. Dendritic Agate
    Dendritic Agate is my newest crystal but has been on my list for over a year now. I was initially drawn in by a picture in my Crystal Bible because it looked as though a plant was being grown inside of the crystal. The piece I found looks more like it was hit by lightening, which I still find cool, but I would love to find a piece that is more plant like one day. Aesthetics aside, Dendritic Agate is the crystal of abundance in all areas of life. It seems the most connected to agricultural abundance though. I keep it in my Zanzibar Aloe plant in the hopes that it’ll help keep it nice and healthy.
  5. Amethyst
    If you couldn’t tell by the fact that I have it in three forms, I really like amethyst. However, I am a bit biased because it is my birthstone. Crystal is an incredibly common protective stone that vibrates on a really high frequency. It is said to protect again psychic attack. It also is believed to prevent over-indulgence. It is charged in sunlight and can also help with insomnia or unpleasant dreams when placed under a pillow. It is also really beautiful to look at.
  6. Red Argonite Star Cluster
    I like to consider this crystal a crystal of light. It is a cleanser. It cleanses the energy around you and helps you feel connected to the earth while radiating out powerful light.  It is also a stone for confidence which I have really been lacking so I can see the benefit of having it. Plus, just look at it. It is absolutely stunning and reminds me of the coral reefs. Just looking at it fills me with light energy and I feel like it really rounds out my collection because I have a lot of healers and not a lot of cleaners.
  7. Stilbite
    This last one is a stone called Stilbite, I almost didn’t buy it because all the pieces were really expensive but I think the store accidentally misprinted the price on this one so I was able to afford it. That is how I know that this one was for me. It is the stone of psychic ability, intuition and creativity. It can also help with the process of letting go (something I struggle with).  It is another crystal that is associated with manifestation which I really feel I need in my life right now. It is also a really nice orange color that reminds me of sherbet…so that makes me happy too!


Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?!


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  1. malachite is so pretty wow! I like rose quartz! 🙂 fun fact: there’s this show called Steven Universe and the characters often reflect the characteristics that the crystals are attributed, its kinda neat!

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