Crystal Collection 2017

August 8th 2017


Sweet mess, suspend me in crystal…-Two Door Cinema Club

I’ve been collecting crystals for a little over a year now and as my collection grows, I thought I was start posting updated collections including what each crystal does as well as my recommendation for meditating with them. So this is what I have so far:

((All information will be coming from The Crystal Bible as well as the little information cards that came with some of the little crystals))

20170729_103621Clear Quartz- Quartz is one of the most power healers and energy amplifiers. Clear quartz in particular stores spiritual energy and can be used to unblock blocked chakras as well as absorb, release, and regulate energy. You can wear this crystal in any position you see fit and it pairs great with other crystals for meditation.


20170729_103605Rose Quartz- Rose Quartz is a stone that is best used to heal your heart chakra and bring in peaceful and loving energy. When worn over the heart, it surrounds you with peaceful and loving energy. This crystal is excellent for people who have experienced emotional trauma or heartbreak.


20170729_103518Blue Quartz- Blue quartz is not only a good crystal for reaching out in times of need and enhancing your spiritual understanding, it is also a great physical healer. Blue quartz has been believed to help the immune system as well as organs in the upper half of the body! Blue quartz is also a great crystal for inspiring hope.


20170729_103537Sodalite- This crystal is tied to the brain on a spiritual level and a physical level. The use of sodalite has been believed to help stimulate the peneal gland while also stimulating the third eye for deeper meditations. Sodalite is a logic stone that allows the spiritual mind to pass knowledge down to the physical level.


20170729_103453Fluorite- Clear fluorite is an energizing stone. It mainly works on the crown chakra and energizes the aurea. Being that it is clear, it is also believed to clear obscured vision on a spiritual level. This is an excellent crystal to pair with others while meditating because it enhances the energy of those it is paired with.


20170729_103335Tiger’s Eye- Tiger’s eye is an incredibly powerful stone.  It is best used when placed on the third eye. It enhances psychic and spiritual abilities. It is also a great healer, helping the eyes and healing the throat. On a spiritual level, Tiger’s eye is a protector against ill wishes and bad energy.


20170729_103352Amazonite- Amazonite is great for electromagnetic pollution. It is used as a sort of filter against geopathic stress. It benefits you most when placed between you and an electromagnetic device such as your cell phone. It is also an enhancer of loving communication. (My piece of amazonite looks nothing like most pictures you will find but you will find bits of blue and teal in it, you just can’t tell from the photo)

20170729_103405Orange Calcite- Orange Calcite is known for being cleansing and energizing. It is a problem solver, remover of fears, and a great crystal for helping overcome feelings of depression. It is also a great crystal for development and growth. Even just having it in a room is beneficial.


20170729_103553Citrine- Citrine is a highly energetic and highly creative stone. I personally like meditating with a combination of this, Tiger’s Eye, and Fluorite if I am looking to get inspired and positive to write. Citrine is also a good stone for abundance. Leave it in the left corner from the door in a room and it has been believed to help enhance wealth.

20170729_103033Amethyst- Amethyst is one of my personal favorites (although I am biased because it is my birthstone). amethyst is a protector against physical and spiritual attack and a radiator of love. Amethyst is also a great crystal for anxiety healing. Amethyst is also helpful in the physical realm, helping you get a more restful night sleep and helping you absorb water better.

20170729_103653Jasper- (The darker red crystal) Jasper is a stone that is great for sustaining the mind, body, and soul in states of emotional stress. It is also great for aligning chakras and reminding people to help one another.

Carnelian- (The orangey red crystal) Carnelian is great for the root chakra. It helps you remained grounded while also energizing you and enhancing creativity.

20170729_103144Howlite- Howlite is a perfect stone for calming and rest. It is a great helper for people with insomnia or those who have trouble getting a restful night’s sleep. It is incredibly useful when placed under the pillow to help with sleep. Holding while meditating is also a great way to dispel anger.


20170729_103436Rhodonite- The primary reason I purchased my rhodonite is because it is a great stone for easing anxiety. Great for the heart chakra, rhodonite is considered a “fit aid stone” helping both the spiritual body and the physical body, helping in times of panic and soothing physical wounds.


20170729_103250Lepidolite- Lepidolite is a great stone for the chakras. It helps clear blockages and opens and activates, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. It is also a great crystal against electromagnetic pollution. It is super useful when placed on top of a computer. It also helps against bodily dis-ease.


20170729_103202Opalite- Opalite is the stone of personal empowerment. It is ideal for meditation because it opens the third eye. It is especially useful when placed over the third eye. It also helps all chakras by purifying and aiding in the unblocking of blocked chakras. (Plus it’s real pretty)


20170729_103316Pyrite- Pyrite is a creativity stone. It is masculine in nature and encourages the flow of ideas. It symbolizes the warmth of the sun and can actually spark flame when struck against metal or stone. Pyrite is also a protector against abuse and manipulation.


20170729_103230Malachite- Malachite is a powerful yet dangerous stone. Only use malachite in its polished form and avoid breathing in the dust. Unlike many other stones, it is believed that malachite is still evolving and may eventually become one of the most powerful stones there is. It is a protector and can be charge by placing it on a quartz in the sun.

20170729_102935Earth Agate- (The redish-brownish stone) I don’t have much information on either of these stones because they were given to me by a friend, but I know that earth agate is great for focus and balance.

Sun Quartz- (The orange stone) Sun Quartz is a great stone for strength and leadership. The combination of the two leaves you feeling powerful and at ease.

To wrap everything up I am going to talk about some of my current favorites for meditation. I love the necklace of Sun Quartz and Earth Agate because it really helps with my anxiety in the work environment. In terms of meditation, I am loving Tiger’s Eye with just about anything else. As I previously mentioned, I also frequently use Opalite on my third eye.

I hope this was helpful and if anyone has any recommendations for crystals I should look into, let me know! I will be sure to come back with updates and hauls if I pick up any good finds.


Disclaimer: I understand that not everyone believes in crystal healing, but there is no need to be disrespectful. If you do not believe in what I am saying then kindly click away. Thank you:)



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