Winter Self-Care Ideas – Blogmas Day 19

December 19th 2018


Getting over the winter blues with a little bit of self-care

Winter is a time of year that often leads people to feel depressed, over-whelmed, and a bit lethargic. It is cold, gets darker earlier, and is relatively stressful around the holidays with gifts to buy, people to entertain all on top of regular day to day stress.

With so much going on, you may not have the time or energy to dedicate to self-care as much as you would like. That being said, I decided that, after my Fall Self-Care Ideas were so well received, I would make a small list of winter self-care ideas to spark a bit of inspiration on ways you could feel a bit better this holiday season.

Get some fresh air- Depending where you live, winter can be unbearably cold. However, I will always encourage getting a little fresh air no matter the season. I find that, even in the coldest weather, getting a little bit of air and the feeling of being outside really help me recharge, even if it is just slowing down on my walk to and from the car.

Read or learn- I find that the winter time is a great time to get your brain moving. Being stuck inside can honestly be really deprive the mind of stimulation and I feel like reading or learning something new can really be a big help. I love reading self-help books around this time of year to keep me motivated while I head into a new year. I also love watching Animal Planet (which has been my favorite channel since I was little) because I get to learn about animals and I find that it really wakes my brain up.

Make a playlist- Listening to music is something that really helps me maintain solid mental health. Creating different playlists to suit the mood you’re dealing with can really do so much to help you put a pep in your step and get over those winter blues.

Exercise or do yoga- Aside from getting my brain moving, it is so important to get my body moving as well when I am feeling the sting of a stressful holiday season. Taking time to roll out my mat and do some gentle stretching, a full yoga flow, or do some ab work really helps motivate me and pulls me out a of a funk.

Spend time with people- I remember reading a study once that said that people who are sick tend to heal faster when they are surrounded by people they care about and have adequate company. I feel the same way about mental health. Although, at times, we can benefit from time alone. I feel like a lot of the seasonal depression I face is brought on by feeling lonely. Being with a friend or two really helps boosts my energy levels and makes me feel so much better.

What is your favorite method of self-care when the cold has you in a slump?



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