The Value of Holiday Spirit – Blogmas Day 18

December 18th 2018

Holiday spirit is more than gifts, decorations, pretty lights, and cookies~

The value of holiday spirit expands far beyond just the holidays. Holiday spirit isn’t solely about baking cookies or seeing light shows or buying gifts, the value goes much deeper. Holiday spirit is important because it allows you to end the year surrounded by love and light, and enter into a new year feeling optimistic and refreshed.

Holiday spirit isn’t just Christmas cards and mistletoe, it is showing people that they matter to you. It is giving to those who are less fortunate than you are. It is spending time with your family instead of getting wrapped up in other things. It is taking a break from work and enjoying life, even for just brief moments.

Being spirited during the holidays doesn’t mean having to wear an ugly holiday sweater every day or jingling bells or dressing your car up like a reindeer. Being spirited means reflecting on the year you’ve had, setting goals from the year ahead, celebrating the people in your life that have made the year worthwhile, and taking a break from the stress.

December and the holiday season are a time for decompressing and coming back even better. It is a time to collect your thoughts, dream like a child, and give love to the people  you come across in your everyday life. The holidays are a time that bring people together.

I spread my holiday spirit by smiling at strangers, donating old clothes and toys to charity when possible, and spending extra time with friends. I love using every last minute of the December to make memories that will carry over into the new year and make it even brighter.

Overall, the value of holiday spirit is the ability to share love. No matter what you celebrate, do so with love that radiates outwards. After a year like we’ve had, we could all use a little love.


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