19 Little Things For 2019 – Blogmas Day 11

December 11th 2018

A new year is coming and it is bringing new changes, exciting memories, and tons of people to meet~

Last year, in a deeply inspired mood, I wrote a post called 18 Little Things For 2018 that touched on 18 goals I had for the upcoming year. They weren’t resolutions, but more a list of well thought out intentions. And, believe it or not, I actually upheld most of those intentions this year! That is why I am putting new plans out into the Universe and hoping to give myself a little “good juju” going into the new year.

  1. Part with things- I have mentioned this here and there in a few posts, but I am moving in the Summer of 2019. It is a weird thing for me because I have lived in the same house my whole life, but it is a change I am going to have to adjust to. My new house is going to be a bit smaller (which is fine because I don’t intend on living with my parents long) so I need to part with things in order to not over-clutter my new surroundings. Plus, Getting rid of stuff and letting go is healthy.
  2. Move my blog to self hosted- This has been the most daunting task to me. I want to up my blogging game and improve my blog’s look and feel, so self hosting is really the answer. However, I get so nervous about moving everything over and I am so nervous I will mess up so I haven’t tried.
  3. Move out of my parent’s house- This is a 2019-2020 goal. I would ideally like to have my own place by December 2019 or January 2020. However, the sooner the better. I love living with my parents but I also love the idea of having my own space to decorate and enjoy.
  4. Get better with saving- Although I know people who are way more careless with their spending than I am, I still really need to focus on my spending. I really want to save up so I can furnish my future apartment and start saving to eventually buy a house, so I need to cut corners where I can.
  5. Make new friends- I only have 50% control over this but I am going to put in as much effort as possible to make new friends when I move. I love my friends in New York and it will pain me to leave them, but I know that making new friends in my new home will be really important! My old friends will still be with me and I can talk to them all the time, but having new friends I can hang out with is a must.
  6. Do more yoga- For a lot of reasons, I fell out of my yoga practice in the past year. I still attend yoga most weekdays, but I am not as driven as I once was when it comes to at home practice. I hope to get more into it when I move and have the extra free time alone.
  7. Go to a gym- I am a considerably active person. I love walking and hiking and yoga and PiYo and other forms of physical activity. However, I have never been a fan of gyms. However, my family is moving to a community with a club house that has a big gym, so I am going to take advantage of it while I have it and hopefully I will move to an apartment complex that also has a gym.
  8. Revamp my wardrobe- I have a ton of clothes and although I wear a lot of them, I could really use a clean out. I could also use a closet refresh. I need some basic pieces, business attire, and some more day to day outfits that aren’t bum clothes but aren’t super dressy. I just need a full refresh so I can start taking full advantage of my whole closet.
  9. Pick up a new hobby or activity- This is another “after I move” sort of thing. I really want to find a new hobby to pass time as I try to find and make friends. I was thinking of volunteering at an animal shelter or something. I love animals and would feel so fulfilled if I could make their wait to find a furever home more enjoyable! I am also thinking of getting certified in teaching kids yoga because I feel like children are super fun to teach (based on prior experience teaching dance and theatre to kids!)
  10. Invest more time into blogging- I think I am going to do a 3 or 4 day a week schedule for posting next year, but I think I am actually leaning towards the 3 so I can take more time on each individual post so that they turn out to be quality content. I really love taking my time when creating new content so I can be sure it is something worth reading.
  11. Cut my hair (again)- This was a goal for this year from last year’s post and I did it and really enjoyed it. However, hair grows and I am back to my long locks. Ready for another change.
  12. More tattoos- I also said this last year, but I want more tattoos. I got 1 tattoo this year and I love it but I want more. I have plans to get a tattoo with my best friend before I move, once we pick something out and i also have a few other ideas I would love to have on my body. I am very into tattoos that are personal to me so I am not the kind of person to just pick random stuff off Pinterest to get.
  13. Practice writing often- In November I *tried* NaNoWriMo and I definitely didn’t make it to full novel length, but I did do surprisingly well considering how I thought I’d do. The exercise in constant writing really helped me work on focus and staying on a consistent topic which is something that blogging doesn’t offer me.
  14. Let anxiety defeat me less- I find that I back away from things that could be good for me because I am too anxious about failing. Fear of failure is normal but backing away from positive change is not healthy.
  15. Be more vulnerable- I put up a front with new people a lot that I don’t allow myself to be vulnerable because I am too familiar with people leaving to get comfortable around someone. I want to practice being more vulnerable (in healthy ways) so I don’t feel I need to hide my true self from people.
  16. Learn to cook- I want to live on my own which means I should really be able to make food that isn’t pre-prepared or take out.
  17. Focus on my career- I haven’t spent much time being focused on my career lately because I am leaving NY and don’t want to get a new job for the next 5 months before I leave. However, starting at the beginning of 2019, I am going to start looking into some new jobs to figure out my career path.
  18. Travel more- I love to travel but often talk myself out of taking trips out of fear of committing to schedules. However, I feel like weekend trips sound like a great option especially cause I will have a lot of new places to explore next year.
  19. Stay in touch- My biggest fear is falling out of touch with the people I love. I love my friends and I don’t want distance to change that. I want to be sure I stay in touch and call, text, and video chat with my friends regularly. I don’t think moving should end things.

What are your 2019 plans?


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One thought on “19 Little Things For 2019 – Blogmas Day 11

  1. I plan to save more money for children, new apartment, future house and have an emergency savings.
    Working out, eating healthy and becoming more healthy with the hubby.
    More tattoos.
    Work toward finishing school
    Work towards a future promotion at work and continuing my career goals.
    Travel more!
    Keep in touch with you! 🙂

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