Chilly Day OOTD – Blogmas Day 12

December 12th 2018


Taking a break today to just show off a cute outfit!

I try to avoid the temptation of overdoing OOTD posts during Blogmas because 1) it is hard to dress nice every single day 2) it is hard to find people to take pictures of my outfits quite often and 3) I feel like it is kind of cheating (unless your whole blog is centered around OOTDs then go for it!)! However, today seemed like a good day to take down the stress a bit and just show you a cozy outfit I wore the other day.

One thing I want to get better in terms of fashion is wearing light colors in the winter. During winter, I tend to get a bit broody with my fashion choices. A lot of black and dark colors are pretty much what I wear all season long and, although it looks clean and classy, I miss a lighter and softer look sometimes.

Sweater // TJMaxx
Jeans // Target (Wild Fable)
Sneakers // Payless Shoesource
Raincoat // Primark

I thought this outfit was really cool and great for an early winter look. It still gave off a cozy vibe while being weather appropriate (minus the holes in the jeans) and I think the whole look came together nicely.

I love this sweater from TJMaxx because of the really cozy mock neck. I have been meaning to try styling it with that hair-tucked-in look, but I get a little insecure about how that may look, so for now I have my hair out. I love this sweater because it is such a good length and sleeves are super long so I can use them to keep my hands warm. However, the one downside is that the sleeves are super long and get in the way a lot, haha. You win some and you lose some.

These jeans from Wild Fable are one of my favorite pairs of jeans (my favorite pair is also from Wild Fable). I really love these jeans because they fit someone with bigger hips and a small waist really nicely. I often struggle to find jeans that don’t gap or pinch and these work great.

2018-11-27 03.30.55 1.jpg

The sneakers may be my favorite part of this whole outfit because they are faux fur. They keep my feet toasty and warm and look really cute at the same time. They are a mock-Converse style which I find to be way more flattering than Uggs. My only recommendation is that, if you don’t normally wear socks, you should wear socks with these shoes. I wear socks with these and most pairs of shoes, however I’d imagine your feet would get sweaty and make the shoes gross if you don’t.

Lastly, this raincoat from Primark has been featured in fashion posts before and for good reasons. I love this raincoat because it was incredibly inexpensive but really works great. I also get a lot of compliments because of its soft pink color which I guess is pretty unique!

Over this outfit was great for a day of shopping and baking and enjoying some early winter weather!



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