Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season – Blogmas Day 10

December 10th 2018

The best gift life can give you is being fortunate enough to be able to give to others~

Last year, I touched on the importance of giving twice during my Blogmas series:

A Little Bit of Charity- Blogmas Day 10

The Reason for the Season- Blogmas Day 2

I find that remembering to discuss giving in a very “receiving” oriented time of year is super important. Because we are all luckier and more fortunate than we think and not everyone has things as well off as we do! You see, if you’re reading this right now, it means you have a phone or computer or another device and you have internet. The ability to sit and browse a random WordPress blog means you are also blessed with time that you could be using to help others (although I do appreciate you taking the time to read!).

So this year, instead of spending a long post explaining why you should give, I am going to tell you a few ways you can give (both financially and donating your time)

  1. Donate to a cause you support- There are so many causes out there that you can support! Whether you love animals, want to help support research to fight diseases, or want to support people in your local area have a better holiday season, there is so much you can do! But donating even just a little, you are helping raise funds for important projects that could one day help save a species from extinction, destroy a debilitating disease, or give a family a happy holiday season they couldn’t afford by themselves!
  2. Find a Giving Tree/Angel Tree or Shoebox Donation Charity- These charities are the best because they help you feel personally involved in helping someone have a brighter holiday season! You are assigned an adult or a child of a specified age and gender then you get to shop for them! Families submit their wishlists and volunteers shop to create gift packages for the people in need! Everyone deserves to wake up to a little something on Christmas morning (or during the holiday season in general)
  3. Donate your time- This is a huge one! Donating doesn’t have to be a financial endeavor! If you don’t have a lot to give, you can always offer your time! Soup kitchens and shelters need help during the holidays! You can help cook and serve holiday meals. You can work at drop off stations for Giving Tree/Angel tree charities, you can help wrap gifts, or help collect donations for people in need! You don’t need a lot to give back!
  4. Visit a nursing home- Not everybody has a family for the holidays. Visiting someone in a nursing home and spreading a little holiday cheer is a great way to make people feel as though they have not been forgotten during this cheery time of year!
  5. Write letters to soldiers- It is incredibly tough to spend the holidays away from friends and family, but sending letters to soldiers is a great way to show that everyone at home is thinking of them and the hard work they do!

What are some unique ways you like to give back during the holidays?!


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