What I Want for Christmas – Blogmas Day 9

December 9th 2018


Making a list and checking it twice~

Happy Blogmas Day 9! Not going to lie, some of my favorite holiday season content to watch and read is “What I Want for Christmas” and “What I Got for Christmas” posts. Not only do these posts give me ideas of what I could possibly want when confronted with the dreaded “what do you want?” question, but it also helps me put together a strong list of ideas of what to get friends!

So, with that being said, I want to give a little disclaimer before this post: I am not expecting to get everything on this list, nor would I ever want one person to spend a copious amount of money on me to fulfill my wish list. I am just putting this list out there for any of my friends and family who might be wondering what I want, or any person out here looking for a little inspiration from someone else’s wish list.

Without any further introduction, here is my little wish list!

  1. Scratch MapUSA Scratch Map- I have wanted one of these for the longest time but never asked for one for some reason. I originally wanted the world map, but decided I wanted to start small first with a map of the US. So far I’ve been to 13 or 14 states, I think. But I hope to go to all 50 in my lifetime and this map will help inspire me to travel more! I would also be cool with a global scratch map, but I think I want to get one of those once I make it through more of the US!
  2. vinyls.jpgNew Vinyls- I primarily want Betty Who records and the new Jon Bellion album (which my brother said he would get for me because he is the best). But I really want to start building out my record collection because, when I finally get my own place, I plan to have special record table to get more use out of my player.
  3. Lush Face Masks- This is silly and simple but I would really love some face masks that are gentle, but cleansing on my skin. There is just something so soothing about applying a face mask after a long day.

  4. tarotTarot Cards- I would love a new Tarot deck and maybe an Oracle deck. My original deck is getting super chewed up and, although I’m not getting rid of it, I want some back up cards!
  5. Giftcards- I have hit this age where a giftcard is the best gift you can give me. I like having money that is meant to be spent in a specific place so I don’t feel guilty for not saving. If I had to choose stores, I would choose Urban Outfitters, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or just plain Visa giftcards.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?


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