Wish You Were Here: What’s in my Carry-On

August 15th 2018


Whether you’re traveling near or far, a well-packed carry on is a must~

The final countdown has officially begun for my next adventure, which could only mean one thing…packing time. I dread packing and often procrastinate doing it until the last possible minute (or until my mom demands I get it done, whichever comes first). But, one type of packing I actually enjoy is carry-on packing!

If you have been with me for a while and are familiar with my travel series, you might remember a post called, Wish You Were Here: What I Pack in My Road Trip “Carry-on” where I talked about what is in my bag on a long road trip. However, this time I want to build on that idea and tell you all what I pack for an in-flight carry-on.


I would first like to mention that my tote is by the brand Weimeibaige and I love it because it has so much space to store everything I need for a long trip.

  1. image1.jpeg
    My Phone (and charger)-
    I always try to make sure my phone is charged up and that all my music is downloaded in preparation for a flight. The flight I will be going on is a little over 2 hours, so I think I will be downloading a podcast to listen to as well.
    My personal favorite podcast for long rides is Ear Biscuits. Since the plane I am taking doesn’t have TV’s and I don’t like traveling with my laptop very much, a podcast is a great option to pass the time.
  2. 20180813_174449.jpg
    A Book- 
    Since I do not have the option to text on a flight to keep myself busy, I find that it is the perfect time to read a book because the book can have my undivided attention. The book I plan on bringing away this trip is It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson.
    If you are unfamiliar with Shane, he is a YouTuber who is really making his mark on the internet entertainment industry by creating a variety of different series from docu-series, comedy, ghost hunting, personal life pieces, conspiracy theories and more. I have been following his career for 10 years now and I can’t wait to read his book.
  3. 20180813_174547.jpg
    Snacks and Candy- 
    No trip is ever truly complete without snacks. I don’t know what it is about long flights that leaves me feeling in the mood to snack, but having chips and candy nearby is an absolute must on a flight!
  4. 20180813_174629.jpg
    I obviously can’t bring water through security but it is something I add to my carry-on right when I get near my gate! Water is super important on long flights because your body and skin can get incredibly dehydrated during long periods in the airplane cabin.
  5. 20180813_174837.jpg
    A Few Select Toiletries- 
    Although I keep my bigger toiletries like my shampoos, conditioners, and body washes in my checked bag, I still bring a few necessary things on the flight with me. My go to items for a flights are sunscreen, hand sanitizer, mini deodorant (This little one by Secret is amazing because it is only slightly bigger than an EOS lip balm), and chapstick. I also bring a brush to tame my hair before exiting the flight.
  6. 20180813_175153.jpg
    A Sweater or Sweatshirt- 
    When I fly, I am usually going somewhere warmer than where I live. That is why I dress in layers. I wear clothes that will be comfortable in the heat of my destination but when I get on the plane, I still have something to bundle up in because the plane cabin tends to be a bit chilly (but I definitely prefer it that way).
  7. 20180813_175401.jpg
    A Notebook- 
    I love carrying a notebook on flights because it is great for writing down thoughts and blog ideas. I often use my phone to take notes, but on flights where I am trying to conserve battery, I find a simple pen and paper is the best option. Plus, it is more peaceful.



What is your go-to carry-on item when you travel?




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