The Happiest Place on Earth- Mini-Series Introduction

August 17th 2018


“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing—that it all started with a mouse” ~ Walt Disney

I am writing this in the hopes that by the time this post gets scheduled, I will have a Disney trip booked for some point in the near future (Update: I will be in Disney as this series goes up). I am no stranger to Disney World despite living in New York and I would say that I have gone to Disney World the upwards of 10-15 times in my 23 years of life.  I started going to Disney with my family from when I essentially was born and there are pictures of me in a stroller through the parks, trying my first Mickey bar, and every memory in between up until this point.

I have watched the parks gain and lose many amazing rides and I have come to be fluent in a lot Disney park lingo and try to be a hidden Mickey hunter extraordinaire. I pretty much grew with Disney. I have fond memories of riding rides twice while my brother was still too young for many of the rides so both of my parents could get a turn to ride. I also remember resenting my brother terribly when he decided one fateful year that he actually enjoyed Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster which ended my double ride streak.

When I turned 18, my friend and I booked our own Disney trip and this was my first trip solo without an adult to guide. If you are young and looking for a good spot to have your first solo travel experience (and a place that lets you book a hotel when you’re below 21 years of age) Disney is the way to go. Going to Disney was a comfortable travel experience and I felt as though I was constantly in good hands. Between shuttles and boats to take you from park to park, there is also an app that you can use to essentially book your entire trip in advance. There was never a moment where I felt overwhelmed or stressed. Disney is truly a family friendly park.

So I am excited to present this next week of Disney themed content, followed by a little travel diary of this trip! See you for the next post!




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