Dealing with Writer’s Burnout

May 29th 2018

For example, writer’s burnout is the fact that I am writing this post at 5:30AM, 10 minutes before I have to leave the house for yoga

I’m burnt out. No, I am not uninspired. No I am not dealing with writer’s block. No I am not forcing myself to write…really. I have so many great ideas that I feel like I am forcing myself to spit out of my head lately. I feel like most of my blog posts are coming out great but I feel like my desire to be efficient is making my head spin. I am so focused on putting out a lot of quality content a month and I feel like I am forgetting to savor that content as I am writing it.

I am writing and writing well but I barely feel I am attached to writing at all. I had every intention of writing a music mood board today, but my brain wasn’t inspired by that and I also wasn’t feeling patient enough to get that done. So instead, I thought I would just have a chat.

I told myself that when I hit 300 followers on here that I would drop the number of posts I do a week so I can focus on quality over quantity, but I am hesitant to lower my productivity. In my head, I am convinced that is cheating or quitting or something. So I decided this instead: I am going to keep my blogging schedule as is until the end of June and then try going back to 2 posts a week for the summer (July & August).

I think by going back to posting less times a week, I will be pushing myself to create deeper and more thought out content. It will give me time to focus on more difficult projects and get further ahead in my writing. I was leaning towards Wednesdays and Sundays.

As much as I’ve enjoyed 4 days of content a week for the first half of 2018, I feel like focusing on quality over quantity will be great for not only my writing but my state of mind.

But for now, how do you deal with the feeling of being burnt out? I would love some suggestions for dealing with my “I have so much to say and no patience to say it with” mood.


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5 thoughts on “Dealing with Writer’s Burnout

  1. You are tired. You need energy. I was filming all day one day. It was my first day of filming and I was just so excited. I spent the entire day filming and was just looking at the footage at night. I was SO tired I did not want to look at it all. I pushed everything away and told myself I will deal with it later. The truth of the matter is even if do the things we like, we do get tired. You are tired of putting quality content. You need to give yourself a break and free write at least once a month in which you are not thinking about whether this is good content or not but that you are enjoying getting out what’s in your head. It doesn’t even have to be publicly posted but you have to free write somewhere, even just in your diary. I think right now the issue might be that you are producing these structured posts acc to how you think people will like them and that, my friend, is a tiring activity. You have to give yourself some space to have some fun with your writing. You can even join a challenge of some sort. I will send you links on insta about a challenge I just started

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    1. Thanks girl! I totally think you’re right. Like I love the stuff I’m putting out lately but I feel like I’m pushing myself to get that content out sometimes. I’m working on laying off myself more lol!


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