Ask for Help

May 30th 2018


It’s okay to need a little extra helping hand.

I always had this problem growing up when I hated asking for help. It was to the point where I would rather get something wrong 100 times than to ask for help the first time and prevent the failed attempts entirely.

I thought that failing was how you learned. However, although that is true in many cases in life, you can also learn a ton by accepting help. Taking respectful advantage of other’s talents and wisdom is a great way to learn certain life skills and lessons without potential consequences of going at it alone.

And we live in a world right now that there are tons of ways to get help. If you are struggling mentally and want to seek help, you can start with reaching out to friends and family until you’re comfortable enough to ask for help on a larger and more professional scale. And with today’s technology, mobile psychology is taking off in the form of counseling apps making it even easier and quicker to ask for help.

I think the biggest barrier for anyone when it comes to asking for help is the fear of embarrassment. it doesnt matter your age, it is okay to ask for help whenever you feel it would benefit you. Are you 30 and still struggle to figure out your personal taxes? Ask for help. Are you 45 and the internet confuses and intimidates you? Ask for help. Are you 17 and not sure how to address an envelope (a very real 21st century problem)? Ask for help. You’re never too young or too old to benefit from help from others.

And sometimes, asking for help is as simple as asking for someone’s opinion. If you’re dealing with a situation that has a lot of opposing options and you’re not sure what is wise to do, don’t sit in your own discomfort until you make some random half-baked decision. Just go ask for help.

Help doesn’t make you weak or stupid and it is nothing to feel crushed pride over. Asking for help can make a world of difference in anything you do.

My blog definitely wouldn’t be where it is if I didn’t learn to ask for help. I have friends photograph me and my outfits or share photos with me when we are out. I even use them as a sort of focus group when it comes to my ideas. I’ll run a few ideas by close friends and ask if they think it’ll work because I trust them enough to not only ask for help but ask for judgment.

Asking for help may not be easy but it is incredibly worth it.


Speaking of help, I am in a bit of a slump and would love it if you would take a look at my latest blog post Dealing with Writer’s Burnout and see if you can give me some advice on writer’s burnout.


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