Wellness Wednesday: The Wonderful World of Crystals

February 21st 2018

They’re more than just pretty rocks~

My love for crystals began a couple of years ago when I was gifted my first crystal from one of my best friends. When I first received it, I was fascinated and set out to learn everything possible I could about it. My memory is fuzzy now, but I believe she gave me a rough piece of amethyst which is my birthstone. After being gifted a few more crystals and after a trip to Sedona, Arizona, I was hooked. I wanted to know anything I could possibly learn about crystals and what they meant.

Last year, I bought this Crystal Bible from Barnes and Noble and it has been my trusty reference ever since. I have pages filled with Post-it notes marking crystals I have already and those I would love to add to my collection. I even made a crystal collection back in the middle of 2017 where I went through all of my crystals and talked about their benefits and meanings!

Since then I have added more to my collection, which I totally plan to blog about in the future, maybe when the weather is nicer. But, this post is going to be a little different in the sense that I am going to spend a little more time talking about why I fell in love with crystals and why I think you should too.

So, crystal healing has often be categorized with the likes of astrology in terms of its credibility. However, although there is very little concrete proof that crystals really “work”, they are still something you shouldn’t sleep on.

Just as many children carry around security blankets that don’t offer them any proven security aside from emotional comfort, crystals can be viewed in the same way by naysayers of their actual power. If you do not believe in crystal healing, I encourage you to look beyond the spirituality of it all and simply look towards the comfort that crystals can offer.

Like using a lucky pencil for a test or wearing a lucky shirt when going on a first date, using a crystal that you attach emotions of security, luck, confidence, or success to can really help you thrive in comfort. If you have a big presentation on a given day, you may feel comforted by holding a piece of Amazonite as you speak as it is great for communication.

While the crystal may or may not be doing anything at all, it is offering you that emotional sense of security and the belief that your communication abilities are enhanced by its presence.

Or if you’re a highly anxious person, carrying Lepidolite could help ease and comfort you during stressful or anxiety inducing situations. Lepidolite also contains lithium which is often used in anti-anxiety medications!

Another reason I keep crystals is because I find then beautifully intriguing. If you are interested in geology or crystallography then keeping crystals around is like keeping little bits of history with you at all times!

One of my favorite things to look at in The Crystal Bible while reading up on my newest additions is the origin of the stone. I have crystals that have been imported from everywhere from South America to Africa and beyond! And all of these crystals have such unique qualities that you could spend hours just reading how they were created!


For example, malachite, one of my favorite stones, has been found in Russia, Zaire, Australia, and Namibia, Zaire, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Romania, Chile, Mexico and the U.S.! The beautiful bands are caused by malachite mixing and layering with different concentrations of itself or Azurite which has a beautiful blue-ish color! Malachite is a stone that is extremely powerful but also requires you to be extremely careful.

The stone is only safe to use when it is in its tumbled form. It can never get wet because it will break down and the rough unpolished version of it is dangerous to breathe in. However, pieces like mine are entirely safe to keep at home and incorporate in your at home crystal healing kit. Malachite is regarded as a transformer and cleanser. It opens all chakras with emphasis on the heart and throat. It is believed that malachite is not yet in its final form and that it could eventually be the single most powerful crystal. I have malachite both as a stone and as a necklace because I feel so attached to it on a spiritual level.

To learn more about crystals and their functions, I greatly recommend that you look at any crystal book by Judy Hall. She wrote all the versions of the Crystal Bibles as well as other crystal guides. There are also a lot of fabulous resources available online to learn everything from mineral makeups of crystals to their spiritual benefits.

If you have any questions about crystals that you feel I might be able to answer, then feel free to ask and I will try my best to point you in the right direction!


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