The Law of Attraction and You

July 11th 2020

The art of taking what you want and speaking it into existence~

In my last post, I touched a bit on the law of attraction in regards to healing and getting better for yourself and I decided I really wanted to expand on what I was saying in a separate post because I find the whole concept of attracting what you want and manifesting your desires to be something that is both interesting and elusive.

I wrote a post about this in 2018 called Wellness Wednesday: The Art of Manifestation where I discussed the steps to manifesting your desires and, even reading it now, I think I had a pretty firm grasp at it. But I’ve learned a couple of things since then that I have found pretty important on my journey into manifesting my desires.

So, to get started, I am going to recap a bit of the post just mentioned (you can read the full thing to get the bigger picture) then dive into a bit of what I’ve begun to realize since then!

In that initial post, I broke manifestation down into 5 pieces of advice:

  1. Fake it til you make it
  2. Mind over matter
  3. Put it out into the universe
  4. Know the universe has your back
  5. Your intentions create your reality

However, I feel like the one big piece of advice or “wisdom” I am just beginning to see now is my new 6th point which is “nothing is too great for you.” For me, one of my biggest issues with manifesting what I want is that I have really convinced myself that I am below what I want and, instead of trying to raise my personal vibrations so that I could feel more in line with what I want, instead, I just wouldn’t go for certain things.

Thinking a person you want to date is out of your league, a job you want is for someone better than you, or a skill you want to learn is something you should have learned a long time ago or that it is too late to start, just puts you farther away from what you want in the grand scheme of life.

You see, no person you want to date is out of your league because if a person doesn’t like you for any reason, physical or otherwise, they are not the person you want to be with. The person you want to be with wouldn’t be shallow enough to make looks the primary factor in being with you so if you feel that someone is “too hot for you” odds are, if they feel that way and that is the only reason they don’t like you, they are also too shallow for you.

If you think a job is above you, there are 2 things to keep in mind:

  1. The person in that job probably started exactly where you did
  2. What you don’t have now can be obtained through hard work and dedication

No job is truly above you if you are willing to work to fit the position. Writing something off as “above you” before even giving it a shot is like not entering the race because you know you won’t get first! There is still a chance you could place and find something great for you along the way that you didn’t even realize you were manifesting by just having the guts to try!

And, it is never too late to start something new! If you are afraid of getting into a hobby or acting on a passion because you are afraid you won’t be good at it, then you are setting your vibration further from where it needs to be to achieve becoming the person you want to be. Everybody starts somewhere, but, as long as you are acting on your passions and trying to get yourself to where you want to be, you will manifest a position in life worthy of your effort.

I have a lot of things on my attraction and manifestation list right now and they are going to take some serious personal work and growth to attract into my life, but I feel like if I keep up being motivated, begin putting myself out there (as much as one can during a national pandemic), and keep a positive attitude, I will begin attracting the right things.

What is one thing you hope to attract into your life? I want to attract a healthier work/life balance and people who share my values and communication style!


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