Wellness Wednesday: The Art Of Manifestation

March 21st 2018


The art of knowing what you want, putting it out into the universe, and making it happen.

Manifestation has been on my mind lately. The idea that we can bring things into existence by simply putting the right energy out into the universe is an idea I really want to explore further. There are many methods to manifestation and this has led me to fall down a rabbit hole of information about great new ways to manifest your personal desires in your life.

I began reading up on the Law of Attraction and about how the energy we put in, we get out in return. I decided I would make this little blog post as a means of sharing what I have gathered with you as well as some of what I have discovered as well based on my own manifestation practices:

  1. Fake it til you make it-  You’ve probably heard this phrase before, as I have many times growing up, however, this is such a key principle in manifesting what you want in your life. Just fake it. In psychology, Facial Feedback Theory is the idea that if you smile, even when you’re down, you’ll feel all around more happy after a little bit. If you know who you want to be then start being that person, even if you have to fake it for a while. Soon enough you will become that person.
  2. Mind over matter- Keep your mind on your attitude even when goings get tough. You receive what you put out so take every situation, good or bad, in stride. If you tell yourself you’re a piece of garbage who doesn’t deserve good things, then you will get exactly that. Life will get harder and you will continue to put that energy straight back into the universe and as a result you will be swimming in the same trash you spew at yourself. Have a positive attitude and positive things will come for you in due time. (I am really bad at this, but I am working on it whenever I can)
  3. Put it out into the universe- When I want things to happen, I say them out loud. I say them when I am alone, out with friends, walking down the street, driving myself to work, just about any chance I get. I believe the more you say something, the more the universe hears that you’re open and ready to take in new opportunities. Funny story with my personal experiences with manifestation was that I said that I hadn’t heard music from a certain artist in years and just a day later, they came out with a new song. It wasn’t something I was necessarily wishing for, but it showed me that once you say things out loud, you’re more in tune to the answers you want to hear.
  4. Know the universe has your back- I am so bad at this sometimes. When something beats me down or life takes a turn for the worst, I often think that the universe must have given up on me long ago. But what I am beginning to realize is that the universe is with you the most during your weakest moments. Know that the universe hands you challenges to test your attitude and your desire to receive opportunities. Be open and be willing to receive the messages it is sending you.
  5. Your intentions create your reality- Set intentions that truly mean something to you. Narrow your focus to encompass what you truly want to embody and see in your life then work to get there. It is a common misconception that you can just “manifest” what you want without any effort aside from a good attitude and believing it can happen. I believe that manifestation is 30% visualizing and 70% hard work. Set goals then try to take active steps to get there, the path will manifest if you prove you are deserving…and you are deserving.

Here are some other great resources for manifestation that you can check out as well:

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Now get out there and make shit happen!


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