Let’s Explore Together!: Lake Norman State Park

July 12th 2019

A new twist on an old series~

When I was living in New York, I had a series on here called “Exploring Home” where I talked all about places on Long Island and in New York that I wanted to explore in depth in order to appreciate my home more. However, now that I have moved to North Carolina, I wanted to continue the series under a new name.

Part of the reason for the name change is because I still haven’t gotten adjusted to calling North Carolina home, and the other part of the reason for the change is because I feel like ending the Exploring Home series is like closing a chapter on a certain part of my life and inviting a new chapter in. And the meaning behind the new name is simple, I am really afraid of exploring new places alone, so saying that we are exploring together makes me feel better because then I have motivation to explore new places to share with you all on here.

So for the first installment, I wanted to talk a little about my short trip to the Lake Norman State Park. Lake Norman is a man made lake in North Carolina that spans nearly 50 miles. I had never actually heard of Lake Norman prior to the process of this move, but having seen it in person, I think it is stunning and that more people should know about it.

My family and I decided to take an afternoon to explore the State Park a couple of days ago and I never even imagined how much there was to see. We didn’t even cover a fraction of the grounds there and I still feel like we covered a pretty decent amount of ground.

In the state park, there are places for boating, fishing, swimming, and even camping which all seems super fun and I hope to take advantage of it at some point in the future. Plus there were tons of hiking trails to explore and I hope to one day go and explore them more in depth!

It makes me super happy to see how a man made lake can develop its own amazing ecosystem! And I think Lake Norman State Park will be a beautiful place to visit in the fall.

But I plan to head back before then, so hopefully you will be seeing another post about the park in the not-so-distant future. But until then, I hope you enjoyed this first short installment of “Let’s Explore Together!”


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