Learning and Growing- 2019 Diaries

June 28th 2019

And just like that, 2019 is halfway through…

Along with the conclusion of June, is the conclusion of my first month living in North Carolina. The whole experience and month has had a lot of ups and downs, but I see myself adapting a bit more each day and hope to see even further progress throughout the rest of the summer. So here is a little bit of what I did this month:

  • I went to the gym at least 3 times a week and hiked a few times on local trails
  • I have explored 2 local malls
  • I saw a Broadway production of Kinky Boots at the movies with my mom
  • I tried Top Golf
  • I booked a flight back to NY for a concert in August
  • I applied to tons of jobs (haven’t gotten one yet though, still trying)
  • I got 4 online business certifications
  • I am 4 seasons into binging Ghost Whisperer

So I wouldn’t exactly call this month my most eventful month ever. If anything, the month has been really tedious and boring at times. However, I have tried my best to make the most of all the free time I have had. I’ve been trying to work on my mental health this month as well and some days are better than others. Things have sort of been taking a toll on me as I try to adjust to a new living environment, but now that I have one month in the books, hopefully I will start adjusting a bit more this coming month.

If I can say anything for this month though, I have definitely been spending more time outside and enjoying nature than I have been. Between hiking and just enjoying the screened in patio in my backyard, I really enjoy just enjoying the fresh air and greenery here!

Circling back on my goals from the past month, I can honestly say I accomplished almost everything except reading more and leaving my house alone. I also haven’t physically met any new people this month, but I have been texting a few people that I will hopefully meet this month. In terms of applying to one job every weekday, I applied to 2-3 every weekday for about 2 weeks before I stopped to work on certifications, so I forgive myself for giving up on that goal because I did so deliberately. Overall however, I think I made pretty good progress this month.

Here are some things I hope to get out of July:

  • Find a full time job or at least get a couple of interviews
  • Continue keeping to a good workout schedule if I start working
  • Eat cleaner (less carbs and sugars)
  • Go see the new Spiderman movie, even if it is by myself
  • Leave my house alone more (giving myself a redo)
  • Engage in at least one social activity outside of where I am living
  • Visit somewhere new (locally)
  • Diversify my blog content and get creative with posting again

This is a bit of a longer goal list, but I am hoping to surpass most of my expectations this month. I gave myself this month to be stagnant and chill out, but now I am really eager to get my life started and get the ball rolling.

I hope to have more fun stuff to share with you over the course of the next month, but until then, enjoy your July! What do you hope to do this July?





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