Trying New Things

February 15th 2019

Sharing a couple of my recent February Firsts!

Sometimes, I like to look at months in terms of themes. This January, the theme was reconnecting to my center and getting active. I spent a lot of time working on my at home yoga practice and tidying up so I can lay a solid foundation for the new year. However, as soon as February hit, I was itching to give myself some new experiences.

So, today, I wanted to talk a little about 2 new things I tried in the past couple of weeks! The first was my first ever hockey game. I went to Barclays Center to see the NY Islanders play along with my friends Brigid and Angie, as well as Angie’s Dad! I had a really great time and my seat was great because it had a lot of leg room and a great view of the ice.

Having a good view really helped me understand what was going on because I am not at all a huge sports person, plus having my friends to help me understand was really great. I really think I could get more into hockey after this experience, however, I still don’t think it is something I would turn on just to watch by myself. But I am glad to have had the experience to go to a game and be there for a win!

On Valentine’s Day, my friend Michaella and I decided to try a new form of hanging out, by literally hanging out. We took an aerial yoga class which I had been dying to do for ages. Michaella got me a certificate for a class for my last birthday and we finally found the time to get around to it almost a year later.

To be honest, I was really nervous before the class because I was a beginner and I was afraid everyone else would be doing super advanced stuff while we were just floating around in easy poses. However, as soon as the class was in full swing, I knew this was something I was super capable of. The instructor even told Michaella and I that she was shocked that it was our first class because we were doing all of the more advanced variations of the poses.

After class, the instructor offered to take some photos of us which was really fun and a nice way to commemorate my Valentine’s Day adventure. Michaella and I rounded out the night by going out for burgers and a shake! Definitely a win of an evening!

Overall, I really loved the class and would love to find a studio that offer aerial when I move so I can sharpen my skills because there is so much more I want to try.


In conclusion, I think that trying new things this month has really encouraged me to say yes to more in my life. I am so excited to see what opportunities the universe presents me with for the rest of 2019 and I hope there are tons of new fun things to learn.



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