Valentine’s Day Love Tarot- What’s In The Cards? 

February 11th 2019

Let’s see what the cards have to say about love both for others and the self~

In my quest to improve my tarot reading skills, I want to try out new tarot spreads for different occasions throughout this year. I decided to call the series, What’s In The Cards? because I thought it was cute and clever and a fun way to share my love for reading with people who enjoy my posts.

Today I found this spread on google that is from a site called New Age Hipster. I liked this reading, not only because it is simple, but also because it is a reading that can be done no matter your age or relationship status.

For this reading, I will be using the major arcana and will be channeling the energy from my rose quartz to really get into my heartspace! As I did in my 2019 Forecast Reading, I put the spread below so that anyone who has an interest in doing a more personalized reading can do one at home!


So without further ado, here is my spread for this reading. I am going to go through each card 1 at a time followed by a brief interpretation of the whole reading at the end. Also, if anyone else reads and wants to share a different interpretation then please feel free to leave it below in the comments. I love to see how people view the cards differently!


So now that we have the spread laid out, let’s start with card #1.


The first card is The Fool. The prompt/question for this first card is “What/Who is on your heart this Valentine’s Day?” Based on the presence of the fool, I am interpreting it as “yourself”. I view the fool to be a version of yourself who has grown comfortable and content with the way things are. You may be channeling a lot of love and heart into how comfortable you are in your current life, but also in preparing to take great leaps forward throughout the rest of the year.


Card #2 reinforces card #1 in my opinion because we got Temperance. With the prompt, “What feelings need to be felt?” I feel like temperance is playing off the energy of the fool and saying that this Valentine’s Day, we have to channel our heart energy into personal growth and testing the waters.


Card number #3 asks us what old loves we should leave behind and for that placement, we received Justice. Justice often indicates that factors that have been affecting the balance of life may be made clear. I feel like this ties back to the first 2 cards because I feel like Justice is the sign to take self-serving beliefs and practices, and toss them out the window to make way for new growth and experience.


Card #4 is how we can better love ourselves. I find this to be such an important prompt because, in order to serve others, we must first learn to love and serve ourselves. Staying on the trend of growth, we received the Wheel of Fortune card which indicates abundance and completion phases. Based on the idea of serving and loving ourselves, I believe that this card indicates that we need to accept a closing chapter in our lives in order to welcome in a new, more abundant, chapter.


Card #5 is how we can love others harder. I believe this prompt asks us to view the card as a type of energy or action we can complete to love more fully and thoughtfully. We got The Sun for this one, which is one of my favorite cards. It indicates happiness and bright prospects, and in this context, I believe it could mean that we can love harder by embracing the happiness and brightness that life has to offer and radiate it out to others.


Lastly, card #6 gives us a take away for a new love to call in. We receive The Heirophant. I find this card the hardest to understand, but after doing a bit of digging, I found that The Heirophant in the future position indicates a stabilizing force (whether it be a person or an energy) entering your life and directing you towards life’s purpose


Overall, I interpret that this reading it trying to tell us to focus on building a strong relationship with ourselves through growth and radiating love outward. By elevating our energy, we will be granted abundance and the capacity to love more and discover a more fulfilling life’s purpose.

What kind of reading would you like to see me do next? Leave a comment below if you have any ideas or links to spreads you find interesting.



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