New Year Tarot Reading – What’s In The Cards? 

January 28th 2019


Seeing what’s in the cards for the new year~

I started reading tarot a little over a year ago because I thought it was a fun practice to get into. I had always been intrigued by divination methods and tarot was an art form that I had always wanted to understand. After a year of practicing, I can honestly say that I have come a long way in understanding what messages the cards are trying to get across based on the interpretation of the cards I have been presented with.

So I thought it would be fun to start the new year off with a new year reading to see what we can expect from the year ahead!

So, for those interested in doing their own reading, here is the spread I will be using for my reading today:


I chose this spread because it seems simple enough and all encompassing, so I thought it would be a good one to do with a mass audience. I am going to shuffle up my cards and see what we come up with. (by the way, I am doing this reading with the Major Arcana only):


This is the overall spread and I am going to go into each and every card with you to give you an idea of each component before I jump into what I feel the overall meaning of the reading is…


So the center card in the reading represents the major theme of the year. In this reading, we received the Judgement card. In my interpretation of this card, I take this as a sign from the universe to be ready to make final decisions in situations that have been awaiting conclusion for a while. This card may also be representative of making the only decision you can make in a given situation, thus, letting go of unrealistic or self-serving solutions that don’t solve the issue at hand. I have seen many other tarot readers come up with similar 2019 themes that state that this year is the year of wrapping things up and moving onto a different phase of life.


Card number 2 represents the energy being left behind from the previous year. For this, we got the Hermit card. In my interpretation of the card, this is the card that represents a period of loneliness and soul searching. Perhaps last year you spent a lot of time sort of wandering aimlessly through life trying to figure out what to do next. This card is telling you that that time has passed and what you have gained from that period will serve you moving forward.


Card number 3 is representative of the talents you will express in the new year. For this, I pulled The World. Based on the context, I feel like this card is saying that this year is a year that our talent will be attracting abundance and new opportunities. The world will be in the palm of your hand.


Card 4 takes of future opportunities and based on card 3, it seems pretty bright. For card 4, we got The Fool. I have always taken this card as a sign that you will be surrounded by love and good energy, but you need to take a great leap forward if you wish to advance towards your true purpose. Based on my interpretation, I believe the cards are saying that we will be granted the opportunity to take that leap forward this year.


Card 5 is the one that confuses me the most, so I am really going to try my best to interpret what the message the cards are trying to get across is. For upcoming obstacles, we have the High Priestess. I know this card to represent high energy both positive and negative and secrets yet to be revealed. However, by doing a little more digging, I also see that this card has a lot to do with dropping out of your rational mind and into your intuition. This card encourages you to find answers within yourself through your gut and divine intuition. That being said, I feel like our “obstacle” this year is trusting our intuition about a particular situation at hand.


Card 6 is representative of how we can overcome these obstacles. For that, I pulled Death. People tend to get nervous when you pull the card of Death, but I honestly don’t find the card to be too daunting. It really just symbolizes the closing of a situation to make room for rebirth and new beginnings. When tying this back to our obstacle, the card may be saying that our old beliefs have to die in order for our ability to connect with our intuition to be heightened.


Lastly, card 7 is how to achieve our goals and dreams in the new year. I found this to be particularly interesting because we pulled The Chariot.  Among the many interpretations of the card, the one most personal to my year is the interpretation of “movement of residence”. This could be telling me that my fate will be awakened when I move. However, other interpretations of this card are victory over a situation and balancing opposite polarities. This could be saying that the key to reading your dreams and goals is to find balance in areas of your life that may be preventing you from going farther.


Overall, I view this reading as a sign of rebirth. Last year, you could have felt very inside yourself waiting for your chance to grow enough and take the next step forward. This reading encourages you to trust your gut and take that leap and that the universe is with you as old chapters close to make way for change and new beginnings.

I honestly had a lot of fun doing this and would love to do more readings on my blog! Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for upcoming blog post readings. Also, if you’re experienced in tarot and have a different interpretation of this reading, let me know in the comments because I would LOVE to hear how else this can be read!



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