Blogtober Day 24: Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

October 24th 2018

It isn’t too late to make a statement at the Halloween party this year!

There are 4 full days left until Halloween, do you know what you’re being yet? If you answered no and are really stressing out, don’t worry! I have a list of 6 Halloween costumes (3 female and 3 male) that can really help when you’re in a pinch and they don’t cost very much either!

  1. Wednesday.PNG
    Wednesday Addams- All you need for a good Wednesday Addams costume is a black dress (long or short sleeves will do), a white colored shirt (or dickey collar which is what I have), black stockings or high socks, and a pair of black boots. Then all you have to do is tie your hair into 2 braids and you’re done! I like to make my face a bit paler and add some dark(er) circles under my eyes to give that sort of “dead inside” look.
  2. 20181023_142958.jpg
    Kim Possible- I am actually being Kim Possible this year! The costume was super easy because all it is is a black crop top, camo or olive green cargo pants, and black shoes! You can add a little extra to the costume by grabbing a utility belt and fingerless gloves from Spirit Halloween. Extra bonus points if you carry a flip phone!
  3. Bambi.PNG
    Bambi- Fun fact: all 3 female Halloween costumes are things I’ve been before and were super easy to put together. My third option is Bambi. The only thing I needed to buy special was the ears. I had a brown sweater and wore some tights and shorts underneath and paired some brown boots with the whole look. The bulk of the costume came from the deer make up which I improvised from tons of examples online.
  4. kent.jpg
    Image via Pinterest

    Clark Kent/Superman- This costume is Super easy (get it, super?) All you need is a dress shirt, any pair of pants, a pair of fake glasses (movie theater glasses with the lenses popped out will totally do the trick), and a superman t-shirt! Just wear the superman shirt under the dress shirt and keep it open so you can pull it aside to reveal your secret hero identity.

  5. Back-To-The-Future-Marty-McFly-Costume-Outfit-Adult-Men-s-Movie-Halloween-Carnival-Cosplay-Costume.jpg_640x640.jpg
    Marty Mcfly- I think this costume would be super fun to thrift for! To be Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future, all you need is a button down plaid shirt, a denim jacket, a red bubble vest, jeans, and sneakers! Really easy, but any 80’s movie lover will love this costume!
  6. waldo.jpg
    Where’s Waldo- This costume can be store bought, but it is way more cost effective to make it! All you need is a striped red and white shirt (I’ve seen someone use duct tape to make the stripes on a red crew neck before!), black framed glasses (movie theater ones work), a red or white beanie, and jeans!

What are you being for Halloween?


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