Blogtober Day 23: Favorite Fall Snacks

October 23rd 2018

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There is never a bad time to enjoy some yummy fall snacks!

Aside from the weather, fashion, decor, and Halloween, fall snacks are one of my favorite things to enjoy at this time of year. You see the seasons have their own set foods. Winter has gingerbread, hot chocolate, and peppermint everything. Spring has berries galore and chocolates on Easter. Summer has watermelon and BBQ. But fall, fall has tons of really yummy foods to try out. Here are a list of my few favorite fall foods:

  1. Apple cider and cider donuts- I love apple cider. It is the one drink I think i could enjoy all year round, but choose to savor mostly in the fall. As soon as late August/early September rolls around, you can catch me at Dunkin Donuts or my local Cider Mill grabbing a donut and a cold cider. As much as I love hot apple cider, I prefer slushies and iced ciders the most!

  2. 20180908_142007Candy corn- Listen, candy corn has a bad reputation and not everyone loves it but I totally do. You could put a 5 pound bag of candy corn in front of me and it will be GONE. My only rule is that it has to be original or harvest mix…none of that caramel apple BS.
  3. Candied, caramel and plain apples- If you didn’t catch the trend, I am into apple everything. Nothing makes me happier than going apple picking or to a fall fair and getting myself a yummy apple dipped in things that make it bad for me. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a candied apple a day brings the dentist closer.

  4. cookies3Pumpkin cookies- I just discovered pumpkin Pillsbury and I LOVE them. They are pumpkin flavored and have cream cheese chips and they are so so good. The pumpkin flavor is mostly cinnamon so it isn’t overwhelming and the chips are so sweet and yummy.
  5. Halloween shape cookies- Pillsbury really kills the fall cookie game. You can’t have a real Halloween season without a pack of Pumpkin, Ghost, or Black Cat sugar cookies! I like putting sprinkles around the edges of mine to add a bit of texture and decoration!

What is your favorite fall treat? If you’re not from the US, do you have any special fall treats that are unique to where you live?


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