Blogtober Day 17: Going Green This Halloween

October 17th 2018


Enjoy Halloween fun and take care of the planet at the same time!

Halloween is a great time filled with candy, costumes and fun! But it is also a great time to do you park in saving the environment. Here are just a few ways you can live green this Halloween:

  1. DIY your costume- Buying a costume you will only wear once is not only expensive, but wasteful. This of all of the packaging that it takes to package a costume that you could easily make yourself. Making a costume at home is not only cost effective but also fun and adds a personal touch to your costume that no one else will have.
  2. Do a costume trade- This is especially good to parents with small kids. Give old costumes to friends and borrow costumes in return. There is no reason to use a costume once and throw it away. Give it new life by sharing it with someone else.
  3. Use a reusable treat bag- If you are taking your kid out trick or treating, avoid single use plastic bags as treat bags! Reusable grocery bags, pillow cases, or even old clothe totes are great ways to reduce waste.
  4. Clean up as you go- In my neighborhood, I would always see discarded silly string and shaving cream cans, candy wrappers, and trash littered in the streets during and after Halloween. The best thing you can do is help clean up. You can’t prevent others from being careless but you can control whether or not you are.
  5. Throw a low waste Halloween party- If your idea of Halloween fun is to throw a party, make it low waste! Be sure to use recyclable cups and plates and serve homemade food with little to know packaging! If you want to go an extra mile, start a compost tub for guests to throw leftover food!
  6. Don’t waste your pumpkin- Carving pumpkins is one of my favorite fall time activities, but you can make it even greener by using the whole pumpkin! You can make yummy pumpkins seeds or just add the “guts” to your garden, but either way, don’t let it go to waste.

Bonus Tip*** This isn’t really about being green, but more charitable. Did you know, that some children’s hospitals accept donated candy for the kids who can’t go out trick or treating. You can also donate some candy to the troops currently deployed so they can enjoy some sweet treats too!


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