Blogtober Day 16: A Very Fall Day

October 16th 2018

2018-10-14 03.34.55 1.jpg

An afternoon spent with friends is time well spent~

To my surprise, October has been an incredibly busy month for me. I haven’t had the time I would have liked to enjoy fall activities and spend time outside as much as I would have liked. However, this past Sunday, my friends and I decided to spend some quality fall time together by picking out some pumpkins at the local nursery!

The weather was nice, but a bit overcast which really set the fall mood. It was a good day to bust out a light sweater and some boots! Here was my outfit of the day:

Sweater // Khols
Jeans // Target (Wild Fable Collection)
Jacket // Forever 21
Boots // DSW

I love the fall tones in this outfit and my sweater reminds me vaguely of Freddy Krueger which I enjoy because Halloween is a holiday that deserves to be celebrated all month long!

When I was pumpkin picking I picked out 3 little gourds. I got one medium sized pumpkin, one “baseball pumpkin” and a small white gourd which only cost me about $8 total so I view that as a win. Cute decor that doesn’t break the bank is a must during the fall!

After, we headed back to my friend Angie’s house to paint our pumpkins. I like the look of unpainted pumpkins so I kept the painting to a minimum and just painted a little design around my “baseball pumpkin”. (I forgot to take a good picture of the finished product so here is a picture of the pumpkin with my apple cider today in a photo I took for my Instagram @jessofearth).

2018-10-16 08.44.34 1.jpg

After painting, my friends Kristin and Jimmy had to head home, so Angie and I grabbed some dinner then came back to her house for a relaxing fire. Angie’s backyard is so cute with the hanging lights and the cozy fire pit. She snapped some cute pictures of me while I roasted marshmallows because she said they would look cute on my blog…and I agree entirely, haha!


Overall, a relaxing fall day is something I really needed and I hope to have more days like it throughout the remainder of October and November!

What is your ideal fall day like?



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