Blogtober Day 7: Fall OOTD

October 7th 2018

The weather is changing and fashion is thriving!

Fall fashion is my absolute favorite thing. It is the time of year where every store stocks their shelves full of jewel tones and earth tones, and every ad looks like it came straight out of That 70’s Show! Dressing up for Fall is one of my favorite things to do and here is a little outfit I threw together that I feel really embodies fall to me!

Flannel // Thrifted
Jeans // Target (Wild Fable Black Jeans)
Shoes // Vans (Maroon Vans)
Bag // Primark

What really inspired the whole look was the colors of fall.

The outfit started with this men’s flannel I thrifted a couple years ago. I love this flannel because it is super worn in and comfortable. It is also super long, so I tied it before buttoning to give it a little added shape. I discovered that it is better to tie than button so you can determine how much length you need to make the perfect tie.


I also really love these jeans. They are mom jean style and have rips at the knee which I love. They are just rippy enough to look distressed but not so rippy that I am cold. I added this double buckle belt from Forever 21 because I feel like it is good to mix texture in an outfit to create a more interesting look.

I thought my maroon Vans were the perfect shoes to pair with this outfit because they are super comfy and the color is super cozy feeling. I think that maroon pairs really nicely with with most deep fall colors!

Overall, this outfit is the perfect combination of comfy and cute that makes up the perfect fall look~



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