Blogtober Day 6- Cute and Cheap DIY Autumn Wreath Tutorial

October 6th 2018


Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. It can actually be fun, cheap and easy!

As a girl on a budget, I often find that my wallet and my Halloween decorating tastes don’t match up. So this year, I tried my hand at a cute DIY that cost me less than $15 and took me almost no time at all!

I got the idea for this wreath while looking at all of the expensive wreaths at the store that were costing upwards of $30! For this wreath you are going to need a wreath ring (I think mine is 14 inches and cost me $5 at Michael’s) and leaf garlands, I needed about 6 $1 garlands to fill the ring completely. I also bought 3 $1 decorations to add to the ring for a little more fall flair. All together the project came to about $14!


You could use hot glue, but I found that just tucking the end of the garlands in did the trick since my wreath wasn’t going to be touched or moved very often (you might want to secure it more if you are hanging it on a door).

All you need to do wrap the wreath ring with leaf garland, making sure to wrap in tightly to avoid gapping. I used different types of leaf garlands so I alternated how I wrapped so that all of the leaves intermingled nicely.

If you want to add a little more pizzazz you can glue some pine cones or fake fall flowers onto the wreath to add a decorative touch!

I personally love how my wreath ties my little fall display together and it was super easy to do.


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