Wish You Were Here: Disney World- Hollywood Studios

September 14th 2018


The glitz and glam of Hollywood and the magic of Disney in one~

If you missed my posts about Animal Kingdom and Epcot from my first day at Disney, check them out, but today’s post is focusing on the first half of my second park day which was Hollywood Studios!

Our day started bright and early at the park at 7AM to enjoy extra magic hours. For those of you unfamiliar, if you stay on Disney grounds, you are entitled to “extra magic hours” which are hours that the park is exclusively open to Disney hotel guests only. The lines are way shorter and the parks are less congested at this hour.

We started our day on Tower of Terror because that’s a really great way to become awake and alert, plus it’s just super fun. The theme of the ride is really on point and the atmosphere is really well executed. It also has one of my favorite wait areas of any attraction. It was also fun because we were the only people on the ride and could sit wherever we wanted!

After, we headed to Rock n Roller Coaster which is a really fun roller coaster that sends you on a high speed stretch limo ride through LA. It is full of twists and turns and flips. And again, thanks to the extra magic hour, we walked straight on. Sadly we didn’t get to see the pre-ride show though, which I enjoy.


We then made our way to the new Toy Story Land, which was really incredible. The attention to detail Disney puts into things can’t be matched. We didn’t bother trying to ride the new Slinky Dog Coaster, but we did make it onto Toy Story Mania with next to no wait.

Toy Story Mania is a carnival style shooter game where you compete with the people in your car for the high score. It is fun and the ride is different every time you go on! It is also 3D which is cool!

Lastly, we went to see Muppet Vision 3D which is more of a show than a ride. It is an interactive 3D/4D movie filled with all of the Muppet favorites. It is cute and I’ve been going back to see it year after year because it makes me feel really nostalgic.I’d love to see it get a face-lift soon though.

That was the conclusion of my quick day at Hollywood Studios and I’ll be back soon with the final part of my Disney World series with Magic Kingdom!


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