The Happiest Place on Earth- Stories and Experiences at Disney World

August 21st 2018


Sometimes the magic kind of fades and you get to see what happens behinds the scenes, and honestly…it’s pretty funny.

I’m not sure if it is just me, but I think I have some weird Disney World luck. These are some of my favorite stories about times I have been stuck on rides, experienced weird stuff, or had some crazy luck at Disney World!

  1. 1970708870_DLR_Haunted_Mansion-exterior_dusk-e1481334240853
    I think I cause rides to break down, it’s really just a thing with me. I have gotten stuck on the haunted mansion ride for 45 minutes in the crystal ball room. After 45 minutes they got the ride moving again…just long enough for me to get stuck in the entryway to the next room for another 15 minutes. I feel like getting stuck isn’t so bad when you’re surrounded by a group of people who are willing to laugh along as much as you are.
  2. Keeping trend with getting stuck, one time my family and I went to Splash Mountain during our morning extra magic hour in Magic Kingdom. For those of you unaware, if you stay in a Disney Resort, you get to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, which are hours where the park is closed to the public and only open to resort guests. My family uses this as a time to get big name attractions out of the way when there are smaller lines. We got onto Splash Mountain super fast during our morning magic hour, just to get stuck before the first small drop for the entire hour listening to the sounds of rushing water and the back track to “How Do You Do?” from Song of the South the entire time. We got 2 fast passes each for our waiting though, so it was sort of worth it.
  3. If you haven’t noticed yet, I get stuck a lot. On Space Mountain, I got really excited that I got the front row because it is not very often that I get lucky enough to be put there on line. However, on the steep incline right before the drop in, we stopped…45 minutes later we were evacuated and I got to see the entire ride with the lights on. I still feel uneasy putting my hands up on that ride because the tracks look way closer together when you see them in the light.
  4. I think this next story is the reason that Carousel of Progress won’t make my list for top 5 Disney Attractions. I went to Disney with my two friends and one of them had never been on Carousel of Progress, and he will probably never go again after our experience. If you are not familiar with Carousel of Progress, you sit in a theater and watch this animatronic man talk about life in the different decades he lived and highlighted all the technological progress being made. When we got to the final one, the future (which is very outdated because it is sort of our present/past), we watched and enjoyed it….3 and a half times. The same scene replayed 3 times with each time getting a little more awkwardly animated from the robots on stage. It was a slightly creepy, a tad annoying, but extremely funny experience.

  5. I managed to find a YouTube video of this situation! Another funny Splash Mountain experience was when my family and I went on when the hydraulics were broken (or something more technical, I’m not really well versed in animatronics). We were warned of this before getting on the ride but they offered us a fast past and gave us the chance to ride anyway because we waited. I did not expect the entire ride to be so terrifying without the animated movements, but it was. Many of the characters were even slumped over as if they were dead which added to the creepy factor. But I still look back on the memory and laugh.

Have a fun story about Disney World that you wish to share? Leave it in the comments below, I would love to find people with the same Disney luck as me!


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