The Happiest Place on Earth- Disney Snack Guide

August 19th 2018


I’m so rumbly in my tumbly~

I choose to believe that Disney World is the best place to get hungry. The snacks in Disney World are AMAZING and each park has it’s own unique and celebrated food items. Here are just a few of my favorite Disney Park snacks and treats!

My favorite park snacks- Disney food is the best food

  1. Food_MickeyBar.jpg
    Mickey Bar- 
    I have to start with a classic. A Mickey bar is an ice cream bar Popsicle. It is vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate, shaped like Mickey. I don’t get them that often because I don’t like biting my ice cream and it is often too hot to get it, but it was my first Disney treat so it has a warm place in my heart.
  2. Easter-cookies-crispy-rice-treats-main-street-confectionary-magic-kingdom-walt-disney-world.jpg
    Rice Krispies- 
    I love Disney Rice Krispies. They are a lesser appreciated snack but so so amazing and they come in many themed shapes and sizes and are great as a quick sweet treat anywhere.
  3. Snapchat-4285089161201366943
    If you haven’t tried Dole Whip…then who are you? Dole Whip is amazing. You can get a Pineapple Dole Whip float from a kiosk in Adventureland and it is AMAZING. I literally refer to Magic Kingdom day as Dole Whip day on all of my trips because I will literally fight anyone who gets between me and Dole Whip.
  4. MickeyWaffles-620x330.jpg
    Mickey Waffles- 
    This is more a resort thing than a park snack, but Mickey Waffles are great. I don’t know why shaping a waffle like Mickey makes it taste better, but it does.
  5. IMG_3251.jpg
    The Gray Stuff-
    Try the Gray Stuff, it’s delicious…literally. The Be Our Guest restaurant serves 3 types of Gray stuff depending on the time of day (or so I’ve heard). I have had the cupcake and it was great. Be Our Guest is just great as whole so I would recommend it.

Have a favorite I haven’t tried? Tell me! I love Disney food and I am always open to suggestions!


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