The Happiest Place on Earth- My Top 5 Disney Attractions

August 22nd 2018


Zipadeedoodah Zipadeeday…

Disney World is a great place to find something fun for all ages. No matter how old you get, every ride holds a special place in your heart whether it is your first time riding or your hundred and first.

If you’re new to Disney, this list will help you get an idea of what Disney World has to offer and what rides you should give a try. If you are a jaded Disney-goer then I would love to hear how your list compares to mine!

My top 5 Attractions

  1. 1970708870_DLR_Haunted_Mansion-exterior_dusk-e1481334240853
    The Haunted Mansion-
    I will rant and rave about the Haunted Mansion for the rest of forever. I could ride that ride a thousand times and not get sick of it. I used to be TERRIFIED of the pre-ride show thing and the queue area, but now I almost know it word for word and will mouth parts of monologue to whoever I’m with. One time I actually got stuck in the crystal ball room for 45 minutes due to a technical error and was able to recite Madame Leota’s entire summoning chant for the rest of the day.
  2. 39608634-ctx-59-jpg-1479847215
    Whenever anyone asks me my favorite ride at Disney I almost always say Dinosaur because it is such a wildly underappreciated ride. It used to be super rough and tossed you around a bunch, but over the years it has gotten smoother. But I love it because it is so unpredictable and no matter how many times you ride, it still feels fresh. When I went with a friend, we got up early for extra magic hours at Animal Kingdom and got to ride Dinosaur 5 times in a row. I am pretty sure the ride attendants name was Marianne and she would high five us every time we ran back through the queue area to get on.
  3. Tower-Of-Terror-Disney-World.jpg
    Tower of Terror-
    Probably the best queue area before a ride. It has such a great ambiance and a lot of hidden Easter eggs to explore. If you ever get bored on line, read the newspapers that are laying around in the queue for some cool backstory secrets!
  4. rock-n-roller-coaster-starring-aerosmith-12636.jpg
    Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster- 
    This was my first flipping roller coaster and it is still one of my favorites. I don’t know why I love it so much compared to any other roller coaster I’ve ever ridden, but something about it leaves me smiling from ear to ear the entire time.
  5. spaceship-earth-wind-andy.jpg
    Spaceship Earth- 
    Not going to lie, I originally wrote Carousel of Progress, but I honestly could not leave Spaceship Earth off the list. I love this ride. I love that it has a narrative, I love that it discusses progress and I adore the message at the end that says that the future is ours to create. It is a beautiful concept for a ride and the entire ride is so well thought out. One time when I went on with a friend she didn’t realize the picture was being taken for the video at the end and she got the WORST picture in the world. After the ride ends, you get sent into this future lab and your picture goes up on a giant board for everyone to see and when my friend’s picture went up, even the cast members laughed. If I can find that picture then I will try to put it in here!
  6. Honorable Mentions- I can’t leave out some really great attractions
    1. Carousel of Progress
    2. People Mover
    3. Buzz Lightyear
    4. Muppets
    5. Figment Adventure Through Imagination
    6. Winnie the Pooh
    7. Pirates of the Carribean
    8. The Trifecta- Space, Splash, and Big Thunder Mountain
    9. Expedition Everest
    10. Great Movie Ride (RIP)

Comment below some of your favorite rides from any of the Disney theme parks and any fun stories you have, I would love to hear them!


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