My Month in Self-Care: Week #5

July 29th 2018


Let’s see how this all went down~

I can’t believe my Month in Self-Care series is already over, but I can honestly say that I am glad I did it. By setting goals for each week of the month, I was able to focus on specific areas I needed to improve upon in order to be at a better mental state all together.

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Before I go into everything as a whole, I want to talk a little bit about how this past week went and how I did with my goals:

  1. Learn to say no- This one was, by far, the hardest for me because I hate feeling as though I let people down. However, I am starting to understand that the people who genuinely care about me understand when I just need some time to step back and give myself a break.
  2. Express gratitude- I actually wrote a whole post about gratitude and I got to use a lot of my pictures for the past couple of years to show you what I feel most grateful for in my life!
  3. Get to bed earlier- I am still working at this and I think once summer is over that I will have an easier time with this.
  4. Make a plan- I actually made quite a few plans and I have a list of over 100 blog posts ideas at the ready for the rest of the year. Can’t wait to put even more hard work into creating fun content for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy!

Now, onto the summary of the month. When I went into this month, I was expecting to see changes in big ways. However, that is not how this kind of thing works. I realize that mental health is a spectrum and not just a good/bad. Mental health, like physical health, fluctuates from day to day and no amount of self-care can ever make everything “perfect”. Despite that, I still feel like taking small steps to improving my self-care routine has really done me some good.

I realized that changing up who I hang out with week to week invites exciting perspectives into my life and leaves me feeling refreshed. I find that writing more when I am inspired is less exhausting that writing whenever I want to get a post done. I understand that, despite not wanting to wake up, yoga does a lot in keeping me emotional stable. And I also learned that making healthy choices makes me feel overall better mentally.

I know that the journey to the “perfect” self-care practices will never be over, but I am happy that I have discovered (and rediscovered) ways to ease the stress I deal with on a day to day basis.

So please remember, if you take time for you, you will see a world of difference in everything you experience.



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