Fashion Friday: OOTD- One Spring Day

April 20th 2018


I call this outfit “One Spring Day” because that’s about as many spring days as I have gotten this year.

It has been a while since I’ve done a solid Fashion Friday post, so I decided to come back with a nice classic OOTD. Last weekend, I went to Sandy Hook Preserve in New Jersey to enjoy an absolutely gorgeous Saturday outside. My mood is highly influenced by the weather so being able to spend time outside and enjoying fresh air and the beauty of the nature around me was really awesome.

Once I saw the forecast, I knew that I wanted to dress in a way that made me feel like spring all over. My perfect idea of spring is pastels, denim, floral, and flowiness, so feel like this outfit checked all of the boxes for me.

Overalls // Forever 21
Bodysuit // Forever 21
Cardigan // TJMaxx
Sneakers // Target

One thing I really love about this outfit is the details on the overalls. At first glance, the overalls just look like average blue jean overalls, but if you look at the ankles you can see some beautiful embroidered floral details. I mentioned in my Spring Favorites that I really love floral and embroidered patterns for the spring, so purchasing these was a no-brainer.

Another thing I really love about the outfit is the fact that I was wearing a bodysuit underneath instead of a regular t-shirt or crop top. The body suit make everything lay really nicely and didn’t ride up or bunch up anywhere, making it perfect for a spring day outside running around. Another great thing about it is that the bodysuit has snaps between the legs so you don’t have to get absolutely naked to use the bathroom (that is such a perk) and you don’t stretch the neck hole out while trying to put it on.

I paired the outfit with a simple pair of white tennis sneakers because they were light and comfortable while still adding a sort of preppy cuteness to the outfit. And over top of everything, I layered a long gray cardigan that is like 3 sizes too big on me because I feel like the flowiness really complimented the really fitted pieces in the outfit and made the whole look a lot more relaxed.

I can’t wait for more cute outfits and more spring days to come!


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