More Spring Cleaning for the Soul

March 20th 2018


Revisiting an old topic and shedding new light~

I made a post called Spring Cleaning for the Soul last year and to this day, it is still one of my favorite posts I have written. That being said, I thought I would take the time to revisit this topic and talk about how I am spring cleaning my life this year.

So to reiterate the point I made in the original post, spring cleaning for the soul is essentially digging through that mental junk drawer you throw everything into and deciding what is and is not worth keeping. Over the year, we have a tendency to compartmentalize and prioritize and sometimes things slip through the cracks or get put to the back burner.

These things aren’t always useless however, which is why digging them up and dealing with them can be a good practice. For example, you may be thinking about putting up a new shelf in your room, but then you’re struck by final exams and work stuff and life so you push the thought of the new shelf into your mental junk drawer and completely forget about it. Spring cleaning your life is remembering to check those small things off your to-do list that you have long since forgotten.

And these unchecked boxes are not only physical tasks, but mental tasks. Have you ever had a decision that was weighing on your mind and you didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore so you sort of just shoved it under the rug and left it there…for a year? It’s time to sweep that decision out from hiding and confront it. By making decisions and dealing with emotional congestion, you’re decluttering and making more space for your mind and soul to be productive.

Spring cleaning also radiates outward. For example, if there is someone in your life that is causing you grief, think of them as a pile of trash in the middle of your bedroom. It is unsightly and takes up space that you could be using for better things. So, for lack of better words, take out the trash. Get rid of all your trash heaps and see how much more room you have for activities (Step Brothers said it right).

By freeing up space in your soul for bigger and better things, you are opening yourself up to the universe and inviting in abundance. It could be as simple as cleaning the boxes out of the garage or as big as deciding to quit that job that has been making you miserable, checking off boxes on your mental to-do list creates room for growth.

So, once again, roll up your sleeves and get cleaning~


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