Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

February 7th 2018


For those of you who waited too long, are begging for a bigger gap between gift-giving holidays, and those of you who are just not feeling inspired, here is my fail-safe list of Valentine’s gifts that are sure to please your special someone!

I mentioned in my Holiday Gift Guide that I am a terrible gift buyer. Although the things I buy people are well thought out and well received, getting to the point of purchase is super hard for me. I find myself getting so caught up in finding the “perfect thing” that I end up not finding a thing at all! This is why I am trying to make this year different. I have compiled a list of awesome Valentine’s gifts for that special someone in your life! (And just note, but I am not going to separate for him and her because I feel like everyone should be open minded when shopping for a loved one!)

1-Harry’s Male Grooming Products


I only recently found out about Harry’s, but I really love their appeal. They offer a variety of sleek and stylish men’s grooming products ranging from shaving to skin care to accessories products like the awesome travel toiletries case pictured above! One of the most awesome things about their products is that they are so affordable!

Another really cool thing about Harry’s is that they also offer a shave subscription service where you’ll get blades based on how often you (or your man) shave(s)! If you want to try the service out,  they have a trial offer that includes a Truman razor, travel-sized foaming shave gel, and travel blade cover for free. You just need to cover $3 shipping.

And one last thing I want to highlight is something I always try to highlight whenever I see it and that is companies that give back. 1% of every Harry’s purchase goes to an organization like City Year and Year Up! I love gifts that give back even in slight ways!

2-Subscription Boxes


I think subscription boxes are a really great gift that keeps on giving! And there are subscription boxes for every type of person out there! From things like Blue Apron that are meal delivery services to boxes like Birchbox that focus on wellness and cosmetics to things like Loot Crate that send the best in gamer geek goods (I personally would love to try Loot Crate!). Another great thing about subscription boxes is that there is so much variety in prices and frequency of boxes and things that you can find something that is not only perfectly fit to the person you’re shopping for, but also great for your own financial situation!

3- Custom Gifts

What do you get somebody who already “has it all”? A customized gift is a great choice! A pillow with your favorite photo together or a mug with pictures of your summer vacation is a great gift for that “hard to shop for” person in your life! I personally love to use Snapfish for my customized photo gifts.  My mom used it a ton as I was growing up to produce photo books with cute text and graphics and things (another awesome gift idea)! Their prices seem affordable as well. Other options like Shutterfly and Walmart are also great places to check out for a great deal on custom goods!

Turning a memory into an unforgettable gift is a great way to give someone who doesn’t “need” anything something they didn’t know they wanted!

4- Crystals


Okay so this is a very “me” suggestion, but crystals are a totally awesome gift for someone in your life who is into the metaphysical sort of stuff! Crystals have varying meanings and energies so getting a few that mean something to the person you’re giving them to is a super thoughtful gift! If you’re really new to crystals and this idea appeals to you, then check out my Crystal Collection post from last year to take a look at what I have and some of the meanings behind them.

A personal suggestion I can offer is Rose Quartz because it is connected to the heart chakra and it is an incredibly loving and gentle stone that offers a lot of comfort. It is also super easy to find as beautiful jewelry, usually inexpensive and won’t break the bank, and it a beautiful pink color for Valentine’s day!

5- A Day Trip

This one is a little more an experience than a gift. Plan out a nice day trip to take when the whether gets nicer and present them with the itinerary on Valentine’s Day! Plan a day that will be entirely your treat. Whether it be a trip to a nearby amusement park, beach town, mountain lodge, etc., planning a daycation for someone you love is not only fun, but incredibly thoughtful.

The gift of memories is worth so much and by showing the person you love that you took the time to think out a day full of fun together is a great surprise and something to look forward to and plan out even more with one another.


There are so many things you can do for someone you love for Valentine’s Day. But remember, the gifts aren’t what’s important, it is spending time with the people you care about that matters!


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