How to Keep Up

February 6th 2018


I’m not a Kardashian but you can keep up with me if you’d like~

I’m not usually one for shameless self promotion, but I thought I would give this a shot. Social media is my life, literally. I not only have my own personal accounts, but I also manage accounts for work so I am essentially a 24/7 social media machine. And although you’ll catch me on any given day saying social media is toxic and gives people horribly distorted visions of how life is, I can’t help but to admit that I find it super fun when used properly.

Since it is my birthday month which is my own personal month of self indulgence, I thought I’d plug my social media accounts in here and just talk a little about how I choose to use social media as a means of rising myself up instead of tearing myself down.


Twitter- @heyyitsjessiiix

My twitter is where you will see me at my most candid. If you like shitty jokes, song suggestions, random philosophical rants, life advice, and pretty quotes then you’ve come to the right place! I also use my Twitter to share my blog posts right when they go up so that’s better than relying on email to tell you when I post (if you care that much). Plus, I am always looking for new twitter buddies to exchange memes and pictures of dogs with so, follow me and if you tell me you found me from my blog I will totally follow back!


Instagram- @heyyitsjessiiix/@littleyogifish

Heyyitsjessiiix is my main account and Littleyogifish is my yoga account. I am very active on my main account, posting pictures regularly and stories occasionally as well. My stories mostly consist of crystals and boomerangs of things I find worth “boomeranging”. I also want to get more into writing “bloggish” captions because I’ve become really inspired by a few people I follow who are incredibly talented caption writers who know how to add depth to a photo.

Littleyogifish is my lesser used account but I really want to get more into it over the course of this year because the yoga community is really supportive on Instagram. Again, if you follow me on either of these accounts and let me know that you’re from my blog then I will 100% follow back! I love being able to put a face to people’s writing or at least see a more visual look at their life so I’d love to follow anyone who blogs as well!


Spotify- jessicasimeone13

Does anyone consider Spotify a social media? Well, for the purposes of this post I am. I am trying to make more playlists this year. I got into the habit of making playlists by artist but that got boring so instead I’m just saving songs I like into a playlist until I get sick of the songs and create a new playlist and so on and so on. My music tastes are a bit all over the place so if you want to check out my Spotify and get an idea for the soundtrack of my life please feel free. And if you have any song suggestions let me know because I am always down for suggestions!

Pinterest.PNGPinterest- @JessofEarth

I really dig Pinterest but I used to hate it and think it was stupid….but now I have like 20+ boards of varying themes. I have everything from lifestyle boards to fashion boards to seasonal themed boards to fitness to yoga to tattoos to decor to a full board of just things that are yellow. Pinterest is just a fun little time killer and motivator. It is also where I find my recipes for my snack guide posts.

If anyone has a Pinterest and any cute boards I should see then totally follow me so I can get ideas for new boards!


I hope this bit of shameless self promotion hasn’t been too boring and no one hates me too much for it. I just really want to make this the year that I engage with my followers in whatever way possible. So I hope to see you on the interwebs~



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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

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