New Year, New You: Vision Board Tour

January 30th 2018

New Year, New You.jpg

” Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe” ~Oprah Winfrey

I made my first personal vision board when I was around 15 and it wasn’t a vision board, it was more like a vision closet door. My vision board was just a bunch of cutouts from magazines that I liked. Pictures of celebrities, funny quotes, pretty patterns, clothes, makeup, etc.  I was so incredibly proud of my door filled with dreams that I kept it up until college. Once college rolled around, I took a canvas and some Mod Podge and glued some print outs of my new dreams onto it and put it on my desk so I could see it every day. My dreams have since changed, as dreams do, and the board is gone.

By my 2nd or 3rd year of college, I got a cork board in my room, that became my new vision board…or more like a memory board. I put pictures of friends, happy quotes, posters and more onto the board, but now, as the trend implies, I have outgrown the board and have decided to give it a makeover. Which brings me to my current board.

This board is filled with places I want to go, things I want to do, motivational quotes, and things that make me happy. I figure that this board is the best way to give myself and any readers I have out there who care, some insight as to what I hope to get out of life and 2018. That being said, here is my Vision Board Tour of 2018:

Healthy Eat Inspiration:

Eat How you Want to Feel.jpg

When I started searching for images for my vision board, I know I wanted to put some healthy food pictures on it. I find that seeing really appetizing healthy choices makes me feel more encouraged and motivated to make good choices. Sure there are dozens of pictures of cool milkshakes and donuts on Instagram, but if I surround myself with better influences, I will make better choices more often!

More Crystals, More Happy:

Elevate Your Energy

I added crystals and pretty decor to my vision board as a way to remind myself to constantly cleanse my energy and elevate my space. I want to surround myself with good energy and objects that attract that energy. Putting up a little inspiration on my board will totally help me remember the kind of vibes I want my space and my life to have.

Yoga Goals:

Namaslay.jpgI love yoga and got my yoga teacher certification this year. Now that I have that taken care of, I want to focus on my asana practice. I want to get stronger and work out more often so I can achieve postures that I know my body could do if I were just more toned. So overall, this part of my board is not just about yoga, but getting in shape in general!

Wanderlust Vibes:

Meet the world.jpg

I have a long list of places I would love to travel within the next couple of years. I find that looking at pictures of those places and picturing myself there makes me feel super motivated and excited to work and get myself there. It also motivates me to put away money so I can save up to see all of the places that excite my mind.

Quotes for a happy life:

Positive mind postive life

Lastly, I love to put positive quotes and sentiments on my board as constant reminders as to why I do the things I do. Quotes also help bringing me back in times of crisis and struggle. A good quote could change my perspective, motivate me, or boost my energy. I also think that putting up quotes is a good way to show what you want to embody during any given year!


I’m excited to blog about all of the things this vision board motivates me to do! What kind of things would you want to put on your vision board?





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Jess, 25, yogi, believer in things, book worm, shy, aspiring human of Earth. I like to spend my time on a yoga mat, typing away with my thoughts, or taking pictures of anything and everything. Stop on by for everything from self-care to book reviews to fashion posts and more!

15 thoughts on “New Year, New You: Vision Board Tour

  1. I have never made a vision board! Certainly thinking about one now though. Spiritual quotes, healthy food and reminders about not engaging in an argument with idiots would be my first 3 thoughts. Will have a think about this one and will have to work on it I think. Thanks x

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    1. No problem! Right now since I still haven’t gotten around to printing my images, my vision board lives on pinterest which is another good option too so you can continuously add as your life evolves and changes:)


    1. I made mine by searching images on pinterest. The best way to figure out what you want on it is to break your intentions for the year into categories and then list things that fall into each category. Like one of my intention is to travel so I listed where I wanted to go and then found my favorite images from there to motivate me to save up to go. Another intention I had was to get more toned and fit so I wrote a list of yoga poses I’d like to be able to do and found really pretty pictures of them so I could be inspired to keep trying. But there are no rules to a vision board:) have fun with it!

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      1. Ah wow thanks. Yes i definately have goals this year like mountains i would like to summit and trails i would like to hike. I can also include my meditation and being more artistic with my plants and pots. How did you actually make the motive??? Do you use an app. I will make one tomorrow. Thankyou xx namaste xx

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      2. I got my pictures from Pinterest and used a site called canva for the collages but I plan to actually print the pictures and put then up in my room so they are constantly in front of me to motivate me. Setting a collage of pictures as your phone background is also a good idea to stay motivated! And namaste to you too xx

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  2. […] New Year, New You: Vision Board Tour I put this post first because it was my first post ever to hit over 30 likes. I made this post because making a vision board was something that I was thinking of doing anyway, but I figured sharing it would be really fun! Little did I know that sharing my vision board would not only motivate me to do more this year, but it also opened the floor for a lot of great feedback and conversation! […]


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