New Year, New You- January Affirmation Challenge (PART 2)

January 31st 2018


Saying goodbye to chapter 1 of 12. Let’s see what we learned.

I am going to start off by saying, if you haven’t look at the first January Affirmation Challenge post, I encourage you to take a look at that before checking it out. It’ll explain all of the instructions and such and if you didn’t do it this month, maybe try for next month because there is no real “right time” to do something like this!

If you are aware of the challenge or even took part, then awesome! Welcome back! January is over so I am back to talk about how my personal affirmation challenge went and to answer all the questions posed on each intention day! Since this is part 2 of the answer portion, I will be answering days 17-31. Click here to see my answers for 2-16! Here are my answers and feel free to tag me if you choose to blog your answers or comment answers to any questions you found interesting!

January 17- I am courageous

  1. When was the last time you needed to rely on courage to get you through a situation?
    The last time I had to rely on courage was when I took a job that was out of my comfort zone and required me to commute to the city alone. I love the city and don’t mind wandering alone, but working alone makes me nervous.
  2. Try standing or sitting in a power pose today for a couple of minutes. How did you feel afterwards? Do you feel more courageous?
    I feel that standing in a power position makes me feel like I have my shit together. This definitely makes me feel like I can take on more.
  3. Do you often find that you or someone you know confuses bravery with stupidity? What is the difference?
    Bravery is pushing past your comfort zone to reach new breakthroughs and stupidity is doing something rash for the sake of calling yourself “brave”.

January 18- I am wealthy

  1. What does it mean to be rich?
    Being rich can mean anything from financial wealth to wealth of knowledge or friendship or love.
  2. What do you have a wealth of in your life?
    I have a wealth of knowledge and love and support.
  3. In terms of financial wealth, what are some ways you feel you could better manage your spending?

January 19- I am powerful

  1. Try some power yoga today. Embrace the affirmation “I am powerful” with every move you make, even if you don’t feel confident in your yoga abilities at all. How did it feel?
  2. In what situations do you feel the most powerful?
    I feel the most powerful in situations where I feel in the know and knowledgeable. When I’m at work and know more than some of my superiors, I feel powerful.
  3. Where does power come from?
    Power comes from your inner fire. It comes from confidence and the right mindset.

January 20- I am creative

  1. In what ways do you express your creative side?
    I love to write (obviously) and I love to sing. I also love to make up yoga flows when I am feeling creative.
  2. Try a new creative outlet today and document the experience.
    I tried coloring today which isn’t new to me but I don’t do it that often. I thought it was refreshing and a more mindless way to express my creativity.
  3. What kind of things leave you feeling the most creatively inspired?
    Good books and music, a nice life chat, positive horoscopes, crystals, good yoga classes, etc.

January 21- I am loved

  1. What actions and gestures make you feel the most loved?
    I just love when people check up on me and ask me how I am doing. It is a simple gesture but being remembered randomly is so filled with love.
  2. How often do you practice self love and self care? How can you incorporate self love into more of your daily life?
    I feel like I have gotten better at practicing it more, but I could be even better. I try to take time to relax and write every night and I will do face masks to give my skin a little love.
  3. Do you think more self love would help you reach your 2018 goals?
    Yes because self love is what helps establish standards and if I love myself, I’ll raise my standards for what I deserve. Positive self talk pushes you to do better instead of hiding behind negativity.

January 22- I am fearless

  1. What is your biggest fear? Have you ever had to confront and overcome it?
    I have koinophobia, the fear of being ordinary. It is sort of hard to confront or overcome, so I just spend every day trying to think of new ways to live a less than ordinary life.
  2. Meditate on the intention of obtaining fearlessness. Understand that fearlessness isn’t absence of fear, but instead, not letting fear own you.
  3. What is something you would do if there was no fear?
    I would dive more head first into blogging and youtube. I always get nervous about what people will think of me even though people’s opinions are insignificant. I just always get nervous about coworkers or authority figures finding my social media and judging.

January 23- I am calm

  1. Where is your happy place? Where do you feel most calm and relaxed?
    My happy place is usually at the beach. I could spend hours there just walking and talking and sitting in the sun, even if it is like 40 degrees out. The ocean and sand make me feel the most at ease.
  2. Take some time for calmness today. Read a book. Color a picture. Burn a candle or diffuse essential oils. Find your center.
  3. In what area of your life do you feel you are lacking calm?
    My career. I feel like I am forcing myself to go through the motions. It is stressing me out but I don’t know an alternative.

January 24/25- I am Trusting (wrote it twice by accident but making it work)

  1. Do you feel you trust the universe? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
    Mostly and yes. I feel like I mostly trust the Universe even though I don’t understand why it does a lot of things. I do believe everything happens for a reason and that all of this is building up to something.
  2. How do you show your trust to the people in your life?
    I let them in and am vulnerable. I have a hard time being completely candid with people I don’t entirely trust.
  3. Who do you trust the most? What about this person makes them the most trustworthy?
    I trust my family. I couldn’t just choose one of them. I could tell all of them anything and they would have my back.
  4. Do you feel you are trustworthy? How can you work on being more trustworthy?
    I feel I am. I don’t go around spreading people’s dirty laundry and I am impeccable to my word.
  5. If someone you cared about was in trouble but asked you not to tell anyone, is it better to break their trust and seek help or remain quiet for the sake of their trust?
    It depends on what the situation is. If my friend was pregnant, I would stay quiet and help unless they were putting themselves or the baby in danger. If my friend was in jail or something, I would break their trust because they need more help than I can offer.
  6. Put your trust into the universe. Spend the next two days allowing the universe to guide you without hesitation.

January 26- I am limitless

  1. What do you do when you feel you’ve hit a dead end in your life?
    I try a different direction. I get discouraged at first, but then I think of different things I can do instead.
  2. What does it mean to be limitless?
    To not let boundaries get in your way and to constantly search for bigger and better things.
  3. What would you want to accomplish if there were no limits?
    I would kick butt at youtube and blogging. I said this before too. If there were no limits or fear, I would totally turn my social media into my money making career.

January 27- I am ready

  1. Write a list of places you want to go, things you want to do, and accomplishments you want to achieve in the upcoming year. How equipped do you feel to handle everything?
    I am keeping my list private, but I feel like I could be more equipped for these things with a little bit of planning and more savings.
  2. What are some ways you can prepare yourself more for the future, even in small ways?
    Start a savings jar and do a little research in my free time.
  3. Where do you hope to see yourself a year from now?
    I hope to have a job and a good savings and a plan to accomplish all of my dreams I have my sights set on.

January 28- I am confident

  1. What situations make you feel the most confident?
    I feel the most confident when I look good, feel good, and am surrounded by good people.
  2. How does the way you act change when you are feeling confident from when you are feeling insecure?
    When I am confident, I am talkative, quick, bubbly, and open. I am more closed off and sluggish when I am insecure.
  3. How do you draw the line between confidence and cockiness?
    Confidence is knowing you’re capable and smart and feeling good about yourself. Cockiness is taking confidence and shoving it in people’s faces.

January 29- I am inspired

  1. Who or what do you find inspiring? Why do you find them/it inspiring?
    I find people who rise from difficult circumstances to be inspiring. People like Oprah who grew up poor and sexually abused who then become superstars with lives of their dreams inspire me. It shows me that you’re never really stuck in your situation.
  2. What do you enjoy doing when you are inspired?
    I love writing tons of blog posts when I am inspired. I can sit in front of the computer for hours on end just writing about different things without getting board. I also love plannings and things.
  3. If you were inspired more often, what kind of projects or tasks would you take on?
    I would totally write a book or take on a really ambitious film project! I would love to write a book, but inspiration for that hasn’t struck yet.

January 30- I am enough

  1. When was the last time you felt you were enough?
    That is really hard, but I feel like I’m enough pretty on and off. From situation to situation. Career wise, I never feel like I am enough. But I feel enough to my boyfriend and friends and family.
  2. Write a list of things that make you special. Does your list make you feel proud to be who you are?
    Not sharing this list either. But yeah, more or less. I feel like sometimes I wish I could take a test drive as someone else. But I am also proud of where I came from.
  3. Write this affirmation down and keep it where you can see it. Reflect on it every time you question your worth.

January 31- I am happy

  1. Why do you think happiness is the final affirmation of the month?
    Because no other feeling really matter if you aren’t happy. Confidence, creativity, inspiration, trust, bravery, none matter without happiness.
  2. Do you feel that sticking to these affirmations helped you feel happier and more prepared for 2018?
    Of course (I wrote them so I hope so!)
  3. Write down 3 or more things this month that made you feel happy to be alive.
    1. I got a second job
    2. I gained almost 30 followers on my blog
    3. I have been taking better care of myself

Thank you, January for all the little lessons and the break from the hustle and bustle. Time to get the year started!


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